Music Giveaway: Jamie Grace

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Today I’m giving away the debut album from Jamie Grace, called One Song at a Time.  If you listen to Christian radio, you’ve probably heard the hit song she sang with TobyMac called Hold Me.  This album features that song, along with ten other lively, upbeat songs.  My kids and I have enjoyed her album. Jamie’s musical style is light and fun while still facing life’s issues head-on.  A favorite song of mine from the album is God-Girl.   Here are some of the lines from the song:

And when my ears start hearin’ what people say
Hurry up, find love cause times tickin’ away
Well, I’m not bein’ lazy I’m just waiting for
Still waiting for the right boy
Cause I only want to listen to your voice
So I’ll be listenin
Always listenin to you everyday

Jamie Grace (now 19) was home-schooled until she was 16, and has had her share of challenges in life.  Doubtless that experience has helped to add depth and substance to her light and rollicking musical style.  I love encouragement that Jamie Grace is to my girls, four of whom are also African-American and also home-schooled.

For a chance to win your own copy of this CD, comment below in one or all of the following three ways:

1. Tell me the name of a famous person who was home-schooled.

2. Tell me a little about a great teenager you know now.

3. Go like Owlhaven on facebook!

For three entries, do all three with a separate comment for each. I’ll choose a winner on Wednesday!


  1. J. Johnson says:

    I’ve “liked” Owlhaven on FB.

  2. J. Johnson says:

    My daughter is a fabulous teenager. Ever since my husband passed away, she has been a terrific helper around the house and with her brother (who is autistic, blind, and has ADHD). She is constantly writing me sweet notes saying how much she loves having me as a mom. She is the first to volunteer helping out at church with the teen group, and I just love her to pieces!

  3. J. Johnson says:

    Abraham Lincoln was home-schooled.

  4. My daughter is a great teenager and I feel so blessed that she is mine.

  5. Sadly I do not know anyone famous who was home-schooled.

  6. A great teenager I know was a student of mine. He knew what he wanted to do as an adult so he had this great relaxed attitude about life. We was doing his school work for knowledge, not marks, which was very refreshing.

  7. One of my favorite composers, Mozart, was home-schooled.

  8. I’ve liked you on Facebook for some time now! 🙂

  9. My favorite teenager in the world is actually my daughter, and she’s *almost* 13. I hope that’s not cheating. But many girls in her grade (7th) are already 13, so she’s thrust in the middle of the drama every day. Because of her past school experiences (she and her sister (10) go to public school), she’s learned tons about the right way to act — and has great “examples” of how not to act. And I thank God every day for the experiences in her past few years that have helped her become a very wise and mature 12-year-old.
    I’m excited for what is to come; it’s not absolutely necessary that a “teenager” be full of attitude and disrespect; if you (as the parent) don’t feed that fire, it won’t burn.

  10. I love the Hold Me song. I even bought it, and I haven’t bought music in eons. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a single before that, either. I’ve always bought the whole album, but it was not available then for some reason. She certainly does have an impressive story so far.

    I can’t think of any famous HS people right now. All I could drum up was that boy that became a national news/opinion columnist while still a teen, but I can’t think of his name and my google searches are not helpful.

    I don’t do the Facebook thing. I’d LIKE you if I did, but that doesn’t count.

    My son is a teen. He’s generally a good kid, but I don’t have any examples of fabulousness right now.

    Apparently, I’m really too tired for this post tonight so I’m going to stop now. 🙂

  11. C.S.Lewis was homeschooled!

  12. I have a friend who babysits for me from time to time named Hannah and she is a wonderful, responsible 16 year old girl! She is also homeschooled!

  13. The singers from Barlow Girl were homeschooled.

  14. Tim Tebow was home schooled.

  15. My daughter is a great teenager who stands up for others and what she believes.

  16. I just liked you on FB.

  17. I have a wonderful teen that lives in my house. I love having a teenager. Come May I will have two, three years later, I will have three at once. I am actually excited about it. I love teenagers… most of the time. 🙂 I think they are the blast.

  18. Thanks for the tip, Mary! I’m going to love her!

  19. John Wesley, the founder of the United Methodist Church was home schooled. Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. In anticipation of my teenage daughter singing at Carnegie Hall this winter, we have been learning all we can about the Carnegie name and discovered that the person behind the building of the great facility, Andrew Carnegie was homeschooled.

  21. I “liked” owlhaven on facebook!

  22. I have a pretty awesome teenager who is turning 14 in a few weeks. She loves Jamie Grace! We enjoy listening to her on the Christian radio, esp in the car. Followed your link to read more about her and love her even more now. What a brave and talented young woman. So inspiring!

  23. There are SO many famous home-schooled people. Today, I will mention Jonathan Edwards because he was a wonderful preacher.

  24. Albert Einstein was home-schooled!!

  25. I also “liked” Owlhaven on Facebook. 🙂

  26. I liked Owlhaven on facebook

  27. I “liked” you on facebook.

  28. Abraham Lincoln was homeschooled.

  29. I read about Jamie Grace and was so impressed. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn about her.
    My oldest son is 19 and attending a University despite struggling with Asperger’s Syndrome. I admire his determination and so much enjoy his friendship. He is a good guy and so cute and patient with his siblings.

  30. Abe Lincoln was a great man who was home-schooled

  31. my son, he is a great teenager & he is homeschooled to!

  32. Einstein

  33. My 13yo helps me with the day-to-day stuff plus is willing to help great-grandma when she needs it and I am not available. She is great at pitching in even when I haven’t asked.

  34. I have already liked Owlhaven on facebook.

    We love Jamie Grace!

  35. Abraham Lincoln was homeschooled…so we The Frugal Girl! 🙂

  36. Wendi Niccole says:

    Venus and Serena Williams were homeschooled.

  37. Wendi Niccole says:

    I have two teenaged daughters, 15 & 19. We have homeschooled them since they finished Kindergarten & 3rd grade, respectively. We are glad that we chose to homeschool them when we did. Not only have they learned alot academically, they have learned skills in homemaking and homekeeping, cooking, caring for babies and young children. They will make good wives and mamas!

  38. Wendi Niccole says:

    like Owlhaven on FB
    Wendi N

  39. I liked Owlhaven on FB

  40. My 13 year old makes me laugh. I can’t believe what a great sense of humor he has. He has loved music since he was a baby. Singing and dancing are his thing!!

  41. Tim Tebow was homeschooled.


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