Headband craft

A couple hours before we gathered for our picture session this weekend, I decided the little girls really needed headbands to complete their outfits. After a foray into my scrap bin and a peek on Pinterest for ideas, I pulled out the sewing machine and the glue gun and got crafting. I went with this felted flower idea on The Crafty Nest, which basically involves cutting slits into one long edge of a long narrow piece of felt and rolling it up to create little pom poms.  For the headband I used a  scrap of cool-looking fabric that looks like tooled leather.

Since I could only find 8 inches of elastic in my sewing supplies, I thought about simply tying the headbands on. But I was afraid they’d slip out of the girls’ hair.  I ended up using a 4-inch piece of elastic in the back of each headband mostly encased in the leather, to give some stretch while not being very visible.  The picture on the left shows the headband with the elastic relaxed and completely covered by the leather, and the one on the right shows some tension on the elastic so that you can see a bit of the elastic.  The attachment point for the elastic is actually an inch or two away from each end of the tube.  That’s what allows the elastic to be mostly covered. Here are a few pictures of the girls wearing the headbands. I think they added just the right touch to their outfits on picture day.



























  1. They ARE adorable, perfect for picture taking.
    The part of this post that jumped out at me was that you checked on-line for ideas before attempting this project. This is a personal pet peeve of mine from someone who works in the school system and sees continual use of technology when it is inappropriate. This post is not to offend anyone but to make us all aware that kids are watching and learning from us.
    Not that this was an inapporpriate time to use your on-line research (you know best what books, etc. you have in your home to use without the computer) but we jump to the computer first and too fast for information. Our children are not learning how to use our libraries, research magazines and books, shop in bookstores (if they have ever been in a bookstore), and they most certainly are not learning how to read material that is not found on-line.
    While technology is part of our lives, we MUST monitor its use and keep it to a minimum.

    • I both agree and disagree, Laura. I find the internet to be a tremendously beneficial research tool. Pinterest helps me clarify the how-to of my craft ideas, letting me jump straight to my intended result instead of trying 12 different approaches. It saves time and lets me benefit from MANY creative minds, not just my own.

      However, I agree that the internet can be over-used. Kids need the ability to use standard resources, and they also need to be taught that not every internet resource can be trusted. My kids routinely write papers based on a combination of encyclopedia and other books. No one under 15 at our house routinely uses the internet, and when they do, it is with supervision. I feel comfortable with the way we are handling internet for our children. But it is always challenging to find a balance, isn’t it?

  2. This is such a cute idea and I am with you. The internet is full of helpful information and what a smile that girl has! Adorable! Thank you for sharing. This is something I would love to make for my super girly girl of a granddaughter!

  3. While I think the headbands are adorable, I think the models are more adorable!

  4. The headbands are very cute, but your girls are just beautiful.

  5. You have such beautiful daughters. 🙂 Love their smiles. Oh, and the head bands are super cute, too.