Our family this fall

(The winner of the book ‘Love and Respect‘ is commenter #18 Gypsy.)
Saturday we headed out to a very cold and windy park for our family picture. I think we ended up looking only a little shivery!  You should be able to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I ended up liking the silly one just as well as the traditional one!  The photos were done by our son-in-law Israel of Avalanche Photograhy .  Good thing he is a runner, because he got lots of exercise running between the camera and the log so that he could both take the picture and also be in it!

And though you can’t quite see the second little one yet, there are actually TWO grandbabies in these photos. Eldest and her handsome hubby are expecting a baby too, due in May. We are so very excited and so very blessed!


  1. Two babies! How fun to have cousins (and grandbabies) so close in age! Lovely family picture, and the looks on the faces of the youngest girls makes me laugh!

  2. Congrats! Two grandbabies :-). 😀

  3. Having two cousins so close in age will be awesome, I’m sure! Speaking from the perspective of the grandkids, my siblings and I always loved having cousins that were the same age as us. We sometimes feel more like siblings than just cousins.

    I love the pictures, and you all did a great job of not looking like you were cold!

  4. Beautiful photos and what a beautiful family! I really hope my husband and I can have more children:)

  5. Great pics!!

  6. I love your family picture! And congratulations on grandbaby #2!

  7. tia bennett says:

    What a beautiful and growing family! Blessed indeed. Looking forward to watching the family grow in the coming year 🙂

  8. What a gorgeous family! Love the pics and way to go – another g’baby —

  9. First of all, congratulations on two grandbabies!!! That is awesome.

    Also, thank you for posting your family photo. You may not realize that this photo encourages this weary momma. I have six 11 and under, and am feeling so overwhelmed. I don’t know if my house will every be even close to tidy or organized, the dishes never end, the meals never end, the laundry – well, you know how it is. But when I see your beautiful family, I am reminded that others have done and are doing this, and it is paying of monumentally. So thank you.

  10. After comparing the two pictures, I truly must admire just how wild and crazy YOU went for the silly photo. 🙂

    How exciting to have two grandbabies coming! I personally think May is a fantastic time of the year for a birthday. Please post tummy shots as they progress. Pregger bellies are so adorable.

  11. grangramma says:

    Beautiful family. I have told so many people about your blog. It has such wonderful advice. In fact, I just told a worker at our church because she has a heart for adoption (especially for special needs kids).

  12. What a beautiful family! Congrats on grandbaby #2! How fun!

  13. Great pictures!!! And congratulations on another grandbaby. I heart big families.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing these photos of your beautiful family and congrats to you all for the soon to be new additions to it…

  15. Beautiful pictures!! Congrats on the two new grandbabies!! How fun for your whole family!! 🙂