Movie Review: Mighty Macs

Last week I got an email offering me an at-home streaming view of the just-released movie “The Mighty Macs” in hopes that I might like the movie enough to mention it. Since it was a G-rated movie and had the look of something that would interest our family, we took a chance and watched it when our kids and our folks were here on Sunday for family movie night.

The story centers around a Catholic all-girls school whose basketball program needed a serious revamp. A coach with a vision arrives, sweeps away the cobwebs, and in the end even has the nuns cheering.  The movie was clean, funny, and entertaining to our whole group. I’d love to see more movies like this in the theaters, and I hope if you get the chance that you’ll go see it.



Other sports films we’d enjoyed:


~Beyond getting to watch this movie at home for free, I was not compensated for this review.  (My review policy)~


  1. Not sure what this first post is about or who it is directed to but not sure I Am Number Four movie is appropriate for many viewers. I personally found it scary though good wins over evil but a lot of wierdness in it.
    As for this movie Mary is talking about Mighty Macs has received tremendous reviews from the likes of Rudy Ruettiger (the Rudy the movie “Rudy” was based on. The coach in Mighty Macs was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
    I think I will look for this one on ebay and purchase for us. Thanks Mary for the heads up on a great family movie.

  2. I’ve seen the trailer and really want to see the movie. I’m glad to hear it will not be disappointing.