Grape harvest!

Today we are up to our elbows in Concord grapes, making grape juice some of which will eventually be turned into jelly. I thought I’d share my grape jelly video from a couple years ago in case anyone else would like to know how to make jelly.


  1. Mary,
    When I bottle grape juice from my Concord grapes, a kind of hard, purple, crystalline sort of sediment forms in the bottom of the bottle. When we open the bottle to use the juice, we pour it through a strainer to catch those crystal things so they can be discarded. My question for you in regards to making jelly from the fresh grape juice is how do you keep those crystalline things from forming in the jelly, thus ruining it? I have so many purple grapes, and would love to make jelly with some of the juice, but have always been scared of the hard, sediment stuff forming in it and ruining it.
    Thanks, Becky

  2. Your video was what originally prompted me to begin making jelly. I’ve tried grape, strawberry, and blackberry. Thanks so much for a great tutorial! You took the fear out of something I had really been wanting to try. I gave the jams/jellies as Christmas gifts last year and will do the same this year. I love being able to make something useful so that we’re not filling our families’ homes with stuff!

  3. Yummy! What kind of grapes are those? I make jelly from our muscadine grapes every year, and never buy jelly anymore. I have hard water, too, so I should try the vinegar trick in the water bath!

  4. Have you ever made a super easy juice by half filling a quart jar with grapes, adding 1/3-1/2 C sugar, filling with hot water and then canning? You have the strain it when you pour it out of the jar to drink of course – and the grapes mean that you don’t have a full quart of juice – but it’s super easy and excellent juice!

    • Yes, I have done that! I think the juice from the juicer comes out just a little richer and deeper colored, but I did it your way for several years. And you’re right– it’s very easy!

  5. I’m too impatient and lazy for the grape juice to “settle” overnight, so I’ve just run my Concord grapes through the food mill and made a grape “jam” from the grape pulp (mostly juice with a little pulp. I haven’t noticed any crystals yet and my family is inhaling the “jam”.


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