Giveaway: Kisses from Katie

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When I was asked to review the book Kisses from Katie I was completely thrilled. You see, I’ve read Katie’s blog for a couple years now, and I’ve always wanted to know how exactly a 22 year old girl could end up living in Uganda as the adoptive mother of 14 girls.  The story is just as intriguing as I suspected.  My 16 year old Ethiopian-born daughter read the book in four days, utterly enthralled.  (She’d love to go back to Ethiopia and be a missionary some day, probably working alongside her Aunt Sophie.)  I got the book next and finished it just as quickly.  It is a compelling, inspirational story.

Today I have a copy of Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption to give away!  To enter the drawing, comment below and tell me what your childhood dreams looked like.  What did you want to be?  I always wanted to be a nurse and a mom, and I thought it would also be cool to be a writer. (Except back then I imagined writing horse books!) For a second entry, ‘like’ this page on FB and come back and tell me you did it. I will select a winner at random on Thursday.  Looking forward to hearing about your childhood dreams…


  1. Oh I’d love to have my 15yo daughter read this. She has a good friend that is a missionary in Swaziland.
    My dreams as a child were to be a wife and mother. Simple I know 🙂

  2. adoptingmama says:

    I always wanted to be an interpreter for the deaf and then a mom. I was in interpreter for several years before finally bringing our first child home. As a mom to 6 now I couldn’t be happier 🙂

  3. I wanted to be a writer, too. Just like Ann M. Martin- the author of the Baby Sitter’s Club 🙂

  4. I want it! I have this book on my wish list.

    I always wanted to be a mom when I grew up.

  5. I don’t know if people outside the States can enter, but here I am anyway! I always wanted to be a doctor, actually. And Mum. And a writer. Oh well, I managed the Mum bit 3 times!

  6. katherine says:

    i wanted to be a veterinarian, until my parents offered to send me to live with my vet uncle and aunt for a summer…and i learned i’d have to clean the dog cages. i also wanted to be an astronaut for awhile 🙂

  7. I wanted to be a child psychologist or a music teacher. I chose the latter because to attend the college I wanted that was my only choice. I’ve followed Katie for awhile too, and I’m an adoptive Momma. This book is on my must-read list!

  8. Always wanted to be a mom, and for a long time I wanted to be a premie nurse.

  9. I wanted to (and felt called to) be a foster mom from an early age, and we adopted our first child from the foster care!

  10. Heather H says:

    I always wanted to be a mom (I have 3 boys- yeah). other than that i just wanted to ‘do good’ in the world- doctor, congresswoman etc- but i ended up just doing good with my little corner of the world.

    LOVE Katies story- i read the whole blog in about 3 days- I will definitely read this book.

  11. I loved to play “church” and loved to sing about Jesus. I am now a pastors wife to a church with 80% African Refuges. It is a wonderful journey.

  12. The only thing I ever wanted to do was write. I never wanted to be a momma. But now I have six amazing kids and I still get to write so it has turned out great for me.

  13. i had a passion for international affairs.

  14. I wanted to be a vet and really probably didn’t care about being a mom. Now, I’m a mom to 3 boys and we have lots of pets, but I never did to to vet school… But being a mom is so much more rewarding than I could ever imagine.

  15. I always wanted to a mom, and a teacher. Since I’m a homeschooling Mom of 3, I guess you could say my dreams came true 🙂 I’ve had this book on my amazon wishlist since first hearing about it, I’d love to win. Thanks!!

  16. I also liked this page on facebook. Thanks!!

  17. I just wanted to be a wife and mother. Dreams do come true, I have three beautiful children, and today found out there is another one on the way!

  18. I wanted to be a teacher. I am, just not to a large classroom, but my own children.

  19. I wanted to be a teacher, but always hated being in front of people. Ended up with a computer engineering degree, which suited me and I loved my job. And now as a homeschool mom, I get to teach… so, dream fulfilled.

  20. I wanted to be a doctor in Africa, the Lord clearly has other plans for me and I’m so thankful that His ways are perfect. I love Katie’s blog too and can’t wait to read this book.

  21. I didn’t know what I wanted to be, but now I love what I am doing and who I am. A wife and mother to three boys, 4, 3 & 3. I get to stay home and teach and love them, and look forward the the blessings God has for us (hopefully more babies, too). I think I stumbled upon this young ladies blog….and would love to read her book, especially coming from a family of 13+ (not adopted, but my Mom would love to).

  22. I always wanted to be a mama. 🙂

  23. My childhood dream was to be a missionary nurse in some Latino country…it came true in part. I’m a missionary with YWAM in Colombia, South America, only not as a nurse. I work in all things administrational: communications, bookkeeping, secretarial, team coordinating, etc… Been dying to read Katie’s book! 🙂

  24. I liked on facebook too! 😉

  25. I always wanted to get a college degree and be a Mom and that is just what I did.

  26. I always wanted to be a social worker but I am currently working for the Red Cross.

  27. I love Katie’s blog!!!

    I always wanted to be a nurse just like my mom.

  28. I never had a dream that carried through many years. It varied from a vet, to a dancer to and artist. I’m a mom of 3 adopting from Uganda right now and follow Katie. I’d love this book!

  29. I wanted to live in a cabin in Alaska, so far away from town that we’d have to fly to town. I planned to go to town twice a year. And God took me to the Tokyo metro area-! 🙂

  30. I always wanted to be a mom 🙂

  31. I liked your give away on Facebook

  32. I dreamed of being a teacher! I taught for several year before kids and now am blesed to be a homeschool teacher to my boys!

  33. Peppermint says:

    When I was a little, I wanted to be a Doctor or a Vet. I wanted to see how the parts of the body worked. I watched an uncle at a family reunion remove a hernia on one of the old farm dogs. He did this on the front porch. It was soooooo cool. I felt like the luckies lil girl to be a part of that. I was amazed that the dog was fine and curious to see what was in the hernia. The red blob looked like playdough and I wanted to touch it and see what it felt like. to this day I still have a soft spot for animals.

  34. I wanted to be a paleontologist. Then I wanted to be a research scientist to find the cure for Alzheimer’s, cancer, and infertility.

  35. I wanted to be an astronaut, until the Challenger disaster. Then I wanted to be a doctor in the Australian outback and marry a pilot who would fly me to my patients.

  36. I liked on FB already so that I don’t need to comment twice. Um, my pre-teen and early teen years I wanted to be…a pop star’s wife. (How embarrassing now!) Being a mom was my other goal, and my true desire as I grew. It took me 10 years of marriage to reach that goal! (and while hubby’s a star to me, he’s no pop star!)

  37. I wanted to be a dentist…that was until our family dentist had a tough time pulling my teeth (told Mom it would be about 45 minutes til I was done…it took twice as long). I dreamed of also being a nun who taught kids. I taught kids my own and others; however I am not a nun. I am a mommy to 2 boys (3 & 1). I love my ‘job’

  38. Like you on FB!

  39. I wanted to be a veterinarian, a mom and a writer. And I am a mom of three and a freelance writer and editor, but not a vet!

  40. Thanks for offering this book. It sounds great! It’s a funny thing that you would ask about our childhood dreams. I wanted to be an astronaut or a secretary. Then I wanted to be a teacher. Then I wanted to be a published writer. I wanted to own a bookstore. I wanted to be a FBI agent. I actually got to do some of those things in my life, but I am not telling which ones. 🙂

  41. I wanted to be a librarian and a vet. I am now a mother to two, have a dog and visit the library frequently!

  42. i thought i would be a doctor for a long time! never thought i would be married w/5 kids!

  43. I also liked it on FB.

  44. I wanted to go to Africa with the Peace Corp. My kiddos are 16, 7, 6, 5, 3, and 3, (4 special needs adoptions) so my time is best spent here for the foreseeable future, but I would still like to do long term mission work at some point.

  45. Umm, missionary, FBI agent, chef, mom, senator. Probably more things than I could ever remember. 🙂

  46. Christa Miller says:

    I always wanted to be a mommy and a missionary. Thanks so much for the great give away.

  47. Christa Miller says:

    I liked and shared on FB. THANK YOU!

  48. I too have followed Kate’s blog and have been anxiously awaiting this book. Your post is the first I’ve heard of its arrival. When I was a child, I wanted to be a fourth grade teacher. I did end up becoming a teacher, just not a fourth grade teacher.

  49. I always wanted to be a mom of many. I don’t remember what age I was, but I read a book titled “Baby Island.” It was about a young girl who became stranded on an island with 4 babies/kids. She became the “mom” until they were rescued months later.

    That book put a desire in my heart to adopt children. I have 5 children, but I’ve never adopted. That longing to care for a multitude of children has never left me. I think I would love reading this book. Maybe I need to become a missionary.

    Thanks for sharing this book.

  50. I always dreamed of being a teacher and a Mommy. Now I have 5 kids and homeschool!! The best of both worlds!
    Also, I would always pretend that my “make believe” husband’s name was George. Turns out, the man I married has the first name of…you guessed it! He is George Brian, but goes by his middle name since his father’s name was also George.
    The Lord works in mysterious ways! 🙂