A good day for a fire

Today is cold, cold, cold  (38 degrees) and I am not sure I’m ready for fall.   As I write, a couple of my boys are bringing in firewood so we can start a fire in the fireplace for the first time this year.  Yesterday was warmer than today and yet I spent the day bundled, with cold tootsies, resisting the desire to start a fire.  I was in denial.  It seems too early.  But today I just want to be warm.

This morning is school, as usual.  Two of the 13yo’s are warming up to practice guitar with youtube videos from Daniel Choo.  My 6yo is sitting near them with her little guitar, strumming in rhythm.  She loves the guitar, but doesn’t know any chords yet.  My 9yo and 16yo daughters are almost done plowing through breakfast dishes– we had french toast this morning.  The other boys, having brought me firewood and started my fire (yay 17yo!), are settling in with their math.  The son working on Saxon 7/6 began by listening to a DIVE dvd that explains the lesson.  My older son has his SAT’s in November and is running through an SAT math review book.

I’m about to listen to my 6yo read.  She is catching on fast, and already picks up books to try to read them on her own– a great sign for a 6yo.  Some kids have that level of interest at that age, some don’t.  A bit later she and the 9yo and I are planning a little knit-fest.  I just taught them to knit.  Probably as we knit, I will also be listening to one of the older kids reading.  Multi-tasking, babe.

Did you know that today is National Noodle Day?  I came across that factoid rather randomly, but it has inspired me to make homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.  Here’s the noodle recipe I’ll be using.  Doubtless I’ll end up hating the mess of noodle-making, like I always do.   But the results are heavenly.  And my 6yo loves helping me crank the pasta machine.

Later today my 17yo heads off to take a Spanish class at our local community college.  He JUST got his driver’s license last week which means he can now drive himself there.  It also means that I am praying more lately, and wait eagerly every Tuesday and Thursday for the text message from him telling me that he’s arrived at class safely.  Also today another son has a judo class at the rec center.  That gives the other kids time to swim and run the track, and me some time with HGTV on the elliptical.

Other great plans today including re-sealing inside one of the showers.  We’ve got a leak that showed up on the wall outside the shower.  Yesterday I had the good fun of using the back of a hammer to rip off a foot or two of wet sheet-rock in an upstairs hallway to figure out where the wet was coming from.  We think — we hope!! — we’ve got it narrowed down.  And we needed to refinish that wall anyway.  So the current hole in the wall is not quite as frustrating as it’d doubtless be on another wall.  Just crossing fingers that resealing the shower will take care of the leaks.  Mystery water leaks are really the pits.

And that is about all the randomness I can think of from here. What about you?  How’s this fine fall day looking for you?

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  1. Today I’ll be washing the vents on our electric wall heaters, to prepare to use them again. Doing a few other miscellaneous chores around the house, and hopefully if the rain stops I’ll take my new jogging stroller out for a test run. No huge plans, really. Have a great one!

  2. I had to turn on my heater yesterday. I guess I should have built a fire instead (cheaper!) – but that means winter to me and I guess I’m not ready for that. Fall I’m ok with – that means apples! It’s cold and rainy today and I guess I’m on the computer instead of doing anything productive. Oh wait – I ran outside in the rain to fix the downspout on the gutter. All the water was leaking on the ground and through into our basement. I did do something today!

    I was already planning on making spinach fettucini for our dinner – funny that it’s on the right day! I have a pasta extractor for my kitchenaid, rather than a roller. And I haven’t used it in ages. I was going to do beet fettucini (Martha stewart receipe) but i just thought the purple mess might be too much! I don’t think I need purple alfredo for dinner!

  3. Today was spent sleeping in (newborn nursed at 11 pm, 3:30 am and then 7 am and toddler didn’t wake up until 8:15!), lounging around the house (enjoying the fact that my husband is off work this week), nursing, folding a load of laundry, having tea with aunt and uncle who came to see the new baby, taking a walk with the whole family. After dinner I was able to bathe my toddler myself (I hadn’t been able to do that the last weeks of my pregnancy because I was too big to squat down and reach her in the tub).
    Summary: quiet new-family time, loving the fact that I now have two children. Feeling very blessed!

  4. We are still weeks (and maybe more weeks) away from needing a fire but it was a gorgeous day to be outside today. The kind of day that I absolutely live for through the long, HOT, summers. I only wish we still had the front porch we had up in Wisconsin. I’d have been lounged outside all afternoon, sipping ice tea, reading a book, and watching my one homeschooled child have fun digging around in the yard. As it was, I had to sit on our teeny front stoop in a dining room chair, and was sipping diet coke. The above mentioned son still had fun digging around and I enjoyed watching him.

  5. Beth miles says:

    Yep. Had our first fire today too. So warm and cozy. Little H is writing a book by the fire and I’ve been reading “The Age of Innocence”…thick read, wonderful novel. No daycare babe today. Can’t believe fall is finally here!

  6. Chauffeured my husband in for a colonoscopy. Crocheted 8″ on the latest baby blankie while in the waiting room.
    He got thru procedure just fine, doctor says another not needed for 10 years. We’re home, he ate a bowl of yoghurt, and now he’s sleeping off the rest of the drugs in our bed.
    Youngest son is coming by for being company while I have an evening meeting at church.
    Wasn’t outdoors enough to enjoy lovely weather. Maybe tomorrow…

  7. Woke up to another 80 degree day, just not normal in northern Wisconsin, walked daughter the mile to school instead of using van, made calzones and pecan pie for supper, raked a bit of the yard, vacuumed the van out, major cleaned the family room in the basement(using a lot because we put fans and air conditioners away), washed and hung out sheets, blankets, mittens and hats.
    This goofy weather is supposed to be here for a while; can’t wait for the 10 and 20 below to be here–I love winter months of quiet, reflection, family, and cold!!!
    A bunch of putsy-get ready for winter items.

  8. Hey! Found your blog and thought I’d pop in and say hi! We adopted our son from Ethiopia a year ago and it’s always fun to read other adoptive family blogs! I love yours.

    And we totally had noodles today! Yay! We celebrated without knowing it!

    38 is beyond my comprehension. It is 60 degrees in Los Angeles and I have my children in snow suits.

  9. As I read this my 5 1/2 year old grabbed her latest favourite Dr Suess book and started reading to me. Just love it!