The Thursday before last John and I lucked out and got free tickets to see the movie Courageous– won them from a local radio station who was doing an early screening of the movie.  When we won I was delighted– until I realized that THREE of our kids had activities that evening, all in different locations.  I thought about giving the tickets away to someone else, but truth was, I REALLY wanted to go see it.  Long story made short– I wrangled rides to various places for various kids, and John and I got there.

Wow.  What a gripping story.  The acting is believable, the story is compelling, and the message is one that would benefit families everywhere. There’s humor.  There’s courage.  The families portrayed are facing real issues that are real struggles for every family.  Another thing I appreciated is that they portrayed strong and admirable people of color.

If you’re wondering about suitability for children, there are some scenes involving drugs, gangs, and gun battles, as you might expect in a movie that features police officers.  I personally would feel uncomfortable bring a very young child to the movie.  But John and I were so glad that we got to see this movie, and will be allowing our kids over the age of 10 to see it.  I hope that you will go see it if it is showing anywhere near you.   We walked away entertained, encouraged, and re-inspired to love our family to the best of our ability.

(Note: Though John and I were blessed with free tickets to this event, I was not asked to blog about it.  I did so because I loved the movie, and wanted to share my feelings with you.  This is the kind of entertainment we need more of in this world.)

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  1. I can’t wait to see it!! Fireproof is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I’m sure this will be great too. 🙂

  2. Paul and I hardly ever go to the movies. When we get a night kid-free, the last thing we feel like doing is going and sitting through a movie. However, we are going to make an exception for this movie because it’s been so well talked about and because we think it’s important to support movies that are well-made with good values. So thanks for corroborating all the other good reviews. I hope Paul and I can get a date night soon. 🙂

  3. I got to go to a pre-screening of the movie in June and then my husband just went to see it with our church this weekend. What an incredible movie!!!! this is the kind of movie that needs to be made- such high quality and entertaining with an awesome message.

  4. So my question is, what did you think of Fireproof? I have to admit, I thought Fireproof was downright awful. Sure the story was fine, but the acting/directing was so bad that I couldn’t forgive the movie. I guess I have a harder time with B-rate movies than others. So I’m worried that Courageous might be following in the same footsteps…

    • To be honest, I didn’t love Fireproof. I know other people raved about it. The message was good. And it definitely had good moments. But I was less than thrilled with it.

      John and I thought Courageous was head and shoulders better.

      • I feel like each of their movies get better than the last. Do all of them have a few moments of cheese? Sure. Do they all have a few (or more than a few with the ealrier movies) moments of bad acting? Sure. But how often do we put up with or fast forward through a explicit content or bad language in what might be considered a pretty “clean” movie? I personally would rather put up with a little cheese and bad acting than garbage in my mind.

        Also, I am much quicker to forgive those faults because: 1) The message is real and the truth is relevant. 2) They are getting better with each film and are clearly striving to make a movie that meets a hollywood standard of quality.

        This is something I want to spend my money on, because I want to see them make more of them. And I can’t say that about all faith based films.

  5. Hi Mary!
    My husband and I also got to see Courageous this weekend and we too really loved it. My husband even encouraged all of our church family to see it. What a message! It was thoroughly believable and lots of fun to…{snake kings??? ha!} Thanks for reviewing. This is absolutely the kind of movie that the world needs!

  6. Great to have movies made which don’t make us cringe –