Baby giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is a group of useful baby items. The first is a cute partitioned plate with pictures on it to demonstrate healthy ratios of meats, veggies and starches.

Next is a book filled with all sorts of ideas to help babies sleep. Now, I need to mention that I disagree with a few of the ideas in the book. Breastfed infants don’t need water. They just need their mommas.  I don’t believe that co-sleeping  is dangerous.  Undrugged mommas are very capable of keeping their babies safe sleeping right next to them. If dad happens to be a very deep, restless sleeper and you’re concerned,  keep baby in one of those cool ‘sidecar’ things on mom’s side of the bed.  (This one is THE best ever!)   Also I disagree with letting a baby under the age of 9 months or so cry it out. Older babies, maybe. But even when I’m putting a 1 year old in bed and insisting he stay there, I am sitting next to the crib patting his back.  I just don’t feel right about leaving little ones alone to cry.

So, yeah.  I have reservations about a few of the ideas in the book. But along with the few ideas I hated,there were many, many creative ideas that just might help a sleep-frazzled parent coax a little more sleep out of their little one.  If you can take the advice with a grain of salt, you’ll find lots of helpful ideas in this book.

The final item that I am offering to give away is an adorable waterproof cloth-diaper cover by Mika of Froggy Girl Designs.  She does all sorts of adorable custom sewing, including clothing and diapers for babies and little children.  The winner of the giveaway gets to choose whether they want the red transportation design or the pink piggy ballerina design.  There are many other cute designs offered on the site as well. These diaper covers are size medium, and thanks to their 4 rows of sturdy snaps will adjust to fit most babies between 12 and 22 pounds or so.  The leg and waist openings are softly gathered with a stretchy fold-over elastic to feel comfy on delicate skin, and the inner layer is a soft waterproof PUL. These are great little diaper covers. The only reason you get to choose from both of these is that my daughter and her husband don’t know yet if they’re having a girl or a boy, and I don’t know which of these cute covers to keep! (If I end up giving away the one they need, I’ll be high-tailing it over to Froggygirl Designs to buy them another one!)  🙂

To enter this drawing for your own baby or just to have a great baby shower gift sometime, comment below and tell me one item that you think is absolutely essential when getting ready for a baby to arrive.  A couple things on my list:  onesies, and a good baby carrier. For a second entry, go visit Froggy Girl Designs and tell me one item you like there. For a THIRD entry, hit the ‘like’ button at the bottom of this post, then comment again and tell me you liked this giveaway.  I’ll be announcing a winner on Friday.  And stay tuned:  I’ve got more cookbooks to give away this week, including a very cool rice cooker cookbook.

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  1. A Moby wrap! So essential for the early days of needing to snuggle. 🙂

  2. With number two on the way, we are getting everything out and cleaned up! I think soft snuggly blankets are at the top of my list this time because she is coming in November!

  3. ‘Like’ entry – we had major sleep issues and I have been reading everything I can get my hands on to do things differently and maybe better this time around!

  4. I agree that you need a good carrier! They have come such a long way in the last few years!

  5. My ring sling. It is amazing. My daughter is 4 weeks old and I can eat dinner, straighten up the kitchen or grocery shop… all while holding her close to me.

  6. Really, really good nursing bras. They are must before baby comes because after baby comes you don’t have time to shop for a good one that fits well:)

  7. A carseat/stroller combo. With my first child, we had to wake him up from his carseat to transfer him into the stroller every time we went somewhere. It was so awful because he would never go back to sleep! I tell every mom-to-be I know that the combo is a must have!

  8. “Like” entry. 🙂 Would love to win as I have baby #3 on the way! 🙂

  9. I have my first baby on the way, and from what I’ve heard a million onesies are essential–so clean clothes aren’t an issue 🙂

  10. I also liked the giveaway.

  11. onesies & burp cloths. Lots of stuff they market I find unnecessary.

  12. I love Handmade Girls Pink Turtle Bubble Skirt Custom, but since I have 5 sons, I probably need to go more boyish:)

  13. I liked this post.

  14. Liked you on this link (FB)

  15. Like Froggy Girl – hair clips

  16. Loving home and family is what is necessary for a baby as well as all the essentials

  17. A good baby carrier. I love a sling for the first few months–it’s so easy to get on and off and adjusted! And what we call “baby bags”–I can’t think of the real term, but the long nightgown-y things with elastic at the bottom?? Know what I mean?? My girls lived in those the first few months. It’s so easy to change diapers in them! And onesies, of course. And for this last one I got those muslin blankets, and they really are TONS better than “normal” receiving blankets. Those are definitely worth it! Add a carseat and diapers of course, and you’re set! Babies really don’t need much gear…

  18. I like Froggy Girl’s rice bags.

  19. We don’t find out the gender ahead of time, so gender-neutral sleepers are important.

  20. A properly installed car seat and a good wrap sling or front pack

  21. good nursing bras and lanolin

  22. For a second entry, I love the green tree of life napkins.

  23. My baby essentials would include a Bible, a Sleepy Wrap and some good, big swaddling blankets. I remember not too long ago getting a mild panic attack in Target when I was baby registering and just thinking, “AHH! SO MUCH STUFF!” Thankfully, my mom got me back on track. 🙂 You need a lot less than you think!

  24. I hit “like”…and I thought of something else! Those silicone nursing pads are amazing. A total must-have!

  25. A baby must have is a bassinet. I know we want to hold them all day and night, but realistically we need a safe, sturdy place to let them rest when we rest.

  26. We were big fans of our baby carrier! What a blessing to be able to get out of the house, just the two of us-a happy Momma and a happy baby!

  27. Visited the shop…love the duck dot twirl skirt!

  28. Thought about this for a bit and decided that a baby cannot do without a loving caregiver that touches them often. IS that an item, yep it sure is.

  29. Prayer!!! I am 41 and expecting #9. We have plenty of all the other stuff….so prayer is always on the list!!!

    By the way I want one of those co-sleeper things but the one you showed is new to me. The site is not in english…is there an english site for those?

  30. since i have other little ones, i “second” the wrap! i have a moby, mei tai and a simple sling wrap. we’ll have a newborn in december and i know i couldn’t do without them 🙂

  31. By my 3rd child, I found very little “equipment” that was essential. My favorites were a hand-cranked baby food grinder to mush up whatever you’re having for dinner and I loved the little plastic coated spoons! I hate the sound of metal scraping on teeth!


  32. I love Rice Bags! I use mine (not a Froggy design) all the time. My favorite was the brown owls!


  33. I liked the giveaway! I was #7 😀


  34. a good breastfeeding carrier and comfy pjs!

  35. food in the freezer 😉

  36. too cu-ute Handmade Girls Panda Bear Ruffle Bottom Bloomers & Tshirt Set 12-18 mo

  37. liked the giveaway

  38. I’d say a good breastfeeding pillow is key to avoid shoulder, arm and back problems. I have a 3 month old (my first baby) and I’d really like to win!! 🙂

  39. I ‘liked’ the giveway! 🙂

  40. oops! can’t delete, wrong site-

  41. It’s been a long time since mine were babies, but we didn’t have much. I remember they slept in a dresser drawer pulled out and placed on a low chest and a heating pad to pre-warm the blankets. I remember thinking a “must have” was the pacifier clip so baby (older ones anyway) could find it without help and I wasn’t constantly picking it up off the floor.

  42. A king sized bed! Even if you don’t believe in co-sleeping their are lots of nights that little ones end up in bed with you for whatever reason. This way everyone is comfy and gets some sleep. Our only regret is not getting one years ago!

  43. I think the absolute must have is surely diapers! 🙂 Plenty of other good things to have listed above, but diapers are pretty essential.

  44. I love my Arm’s Reach co-sleeper. I don’t like having baby in bed with me, but I love having her right next to me. I also love the Little Noses saline drops and Graco battery operated booger sucker. They made keeping my daughters nose clear much easier for both of us.

  45. I “liked” the post on Facebook.

  46. I like the personalized infant gowns on Froggy Girl.

  47. Jennifer Bubolz-Miller says:

    A baby carrier- ergo or beco preferably- You cant beat the closeness and as an adoptive mama- we couldn’t have gotten throught the airports without em!

  48. My must have item is also a good baby carrier.

  49. I don’t think I could live without my stroller for my three month old, especially since he is big (so wraps aren’t quite so comfy, since I’m pretty petite) and we don’t have a car.