Faith of Our Children: Resources

When thinking about resources to encourage children toward a rich and mature faith, I can’t think of a richer resource than memorization. So many times when I am in the midst of difficulty, a Bible verse or the words of a song come to my mind. Those words are there for me because my parents valued them enough to put them into my memory banks.

Though I enjoyed mastering memory work, I doubt that I fully understood the treasure being laid there. God can speak to our hearts in many different ways, of course. But having words of encouragement and hope committed to memory makes truth that much easier to recall. I can’t think of a better resource to give our kids.


Bible Verses

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  1. Great post and reminder… for myself as well as teaching my children!! Love those hymns you mentioned.. I grew up singing those hymns.

  2. How true! The Lord brings to mind *exactly* the right thing at the right time, if we have been diligent to store it in the ole memory bank. One of my favorite hymns is “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” … that assurance has ministered to me in some very difficult times!