Giveaway: Green Mountain Coffee

Photo Credit: Mary OstynEver heard of Fair Trade coffee?  These days a lot of people have, but have you ever thought about what it really means? These days the USA imports food from many countries in the world, including countries that are incredibly poverty-stricken. This sounds like a good thing, right?  After all, we’re sending dollars into struggling economies. However it often happens that the farmers who most deserve and need to benefit from this sale end up being paid very little for their crops.  The movie Black Gold reveals that there are Ethiopian farmers getting 50 cents a day to grow coffee that will be sold in America for $8 a pound.  But since in most cases the farmers are not in a position of power, they don’t have the ability to charge more.

The Fair Trade movement aims to change that.  Fair Trade coffee is bought from the farmer at a higher price than is standard, which allows the farmers to be more fairly compensated for their labor.  And the great thing for the consumer of Fair Trade coffee is that this coffee is also better quality, which makes Fair Trade a win-win for everyone.

I had the opportunity to try out some Fair Trade coffee produced by Green Mountain Coffee.  I was sent a variety of different flavors, and have tried several.   The French vanilla flavor was a little too mellow for my taste–I like my coffee to just about bite me back.  But the Sumatran Reserve– oh my! — it is a full bodied dark roast and it is  exactly what I like in a coffee.   There are many other flavors as well, including Vermont Country Blend, Columbian Fair Trade Select, French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Dark Magic, and Wild Mountain Berry.

This month I am giving away one Keurig coffee pot along with an assortment of Green Mountain coffee.  All you have to do to enter the drawing is comment below and tell me your favorite flavor of coffee.

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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or olderWinners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.  The Official Rules are available here.  Enter between September 8 – 24th.  You may also wish to visit the BlogHer Promotions Page.  Or you can go here to like Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook.


  1. I love anything that is light and crisp. I don’t like heavy strong coffees.

  2. My husband brought be back Hui Hui coffee from his business trip to New York last year, he picked it up at Eataly – Mario Battali’s store. It is such a treat.

  3. My favorite flavors are french vanilla and breakfast blend. I just don’t care to have my coffee bite back at me:)

  4. Starbucks espresso roast!

  5. I think French roast is my favorite!

  6. I’m not a big coffee drinker, (I can’t handle the caffeine!) but my husband loves a free trade coffee we get from Uganda called Bugisu. A friend of my parents helped to start a school for girls there–they sell the coffee in the US to raise money for the school!

  7. Not big on coffee in general, so maybe a hot chocolate pod is my favorite?

  8. Marjorie W. says:

    I hear great things aoubt Green Mountain Coffee.

  9. A friend of mine introduced me to Green Mountain. Im a big Breakfast Blend type!

  10. a nice, dark roast

  11. For some reason I’m not a huge fan of hot coffee or strong coffee, but I do really enjoy a flavored cold coffee.

  12. I’m such a dork – I like the coffee which is in front of me, hot, black and prepared by someone else! Oh you meant type? hehehe – I’m a sucker for a full flavored coffee almost anyone of the coffees from African continent – Ethiopian just lately.

  13. I frequently find fair trade coffee at a discount grocery nearby. I like to surprise myself with the random blends and flavors they have at different times. I am especially pleased when I find a hazelnut flavored coffee and I start anticipating my morning cup just as I am about to go to bed for the night.

  14. I love french roast. I like my coffee strong and dark.

  15. My favorite coffee EVER (so far :)) is Ethiopian Harrar made by Just Love Coffee (also a fair trade company). I haven’t try Green Mountain Coffee yet, but would love to!!

  16. I posted on FB!

  17. I absolutely love Costa Rican coffee. My husband went on a mission trip a few years back and brought me some – wow!

  18. My favorite flavor of coffee is the just-made coffee poured out of a clay coffee pot into a tiny cup with a spoon or two of sugar, its fragrance mingling with the incense burning in the room. Can only be had in Ethiopia, by the way. A close second? A latte or cafe au lait, since I am a bad Swede who can only drink coffee with milk…except when I am in Ethiopia! (Fair Trade coffee which I purchase at Ten Thousand Villages is my Christmas present of choice, btw)

  19. i like mild coffees like breakfast blends. i usually make mine a mocha.

  20. My favorite is French Vanilla…I love my morning cup of coffee!

  21. If I’m making it myself I usually just do Folger’s Breakfast Blend with Vanilla Creamer. If I’m at a coffee shop I love a good Vanilla latte, or ice coffee with vanilla.

  22. I am not a coffee drinker but have an espresso machine, coffee grinder and coffee press for my children who live at home, adult children who visit and grandchildren.
    Have never heard anyone express an interest in one flavor over another but try to buy as much Fair Trade products as possible in my rural area accumulating a mirror with rolled up newspaper from Vietnam, picture made with banana leaves from Philippines, round clay bank with peace written in over 300 languages on it from Kenya, belt from Ethiopia, wood elephant from South Africa, barrettes from Liberia, and coasters from Equador.
    Thank you Mary for informing us about what Fair Trade is. Fair Trade opportunities are showing up in larger churches and in thrift and antique stores more frequently now.

  23. I usually go for just a basic coffee flavor, but then I dress it up with a creamer with chocolate or caramel in it. Mostly I like my coffee to taste like candy.

  24. I don’t drink coffee, but this is my dh’s birthday month and he loves it. His favorite is Ethiopian Harrar. Thanks!

  25. Stumptown coffee is amazing. I love a nice french roast with a little half and half in it for breakfast:)

  26. Hazelnut is my favorite coffee flavor.

  27. Colombian is yummy and fair trade even better.

  28. Any kind works for me…Kona blend is one of my favs.

  29. Favorite coffee? Organic and fair trade.

  30. My favorites are Sumatra and French Roast. Mmmmm… :)For iced coffee, it’s pretty hard to beat Nantucket Blend. Yummy!

  31. My favorite flavor of coffee is hazelnut.

  32. I love the Sumatra and Columbian flavors!

  33. Julie Hammonds says:

    Green Mountain Coffees are my faves! I like several of the fairtrade varieties, especially the rainforest nut! YUM!

  34. My favorite is any dark roast (french roast, etc.) The darker the better!

  35. I haven’t heard of Green Mountain Coffee, but will look for it now to try out!

  36. I love full-bodied dark roasts, and I brew them strong (an extra tablespoon of grounds per 3 cups). Sometimes I make my own “flavored” coffee by adding a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg to the grounds.

  37. So helpful to know about a good option for fair trade coffee. I am currently loving Trader Joe’s Ethiopian coffee.

  38. I love dark, rich coffees. My favorite is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I buy most of my coffees from a local roaster, but, I have to admit, Green Mountain Coffee is my next spot for purchases.

  39. I like most coffees iced and sweet, but I love hazelnut flavored coffee hot!

  40. I’m stuck on Caribou Blend lately. I love my Keurig k-cups too!

  41. Breakfast blend is mild enough for me to enjoy with a flavored creamer.

  42. Hazelnut! Mmmm.

  43. I love all types of coffee…but the bolder and richer the better!!!

  44. Well–I don’t like coffee. But my husband loves it, and I think he likes med-dark roasts.

  45. I like dark roast.

  46. I LOVE Ethiopian coffee, most especially made in a traditional coffee ceremony. Love it like I think about it all the time 🙂 But, when I am not in ET to drink it, we have a steady supply of Tamoca coffee we bring back from Ethiopia or else Aster Bunna, also from ET. 🙂 My daughter and I walked in a Starbucks and she said “this smells like your suitcase” hahaha-wonder if we bring back much coffee when we go to ET? 😉

  47. I like French Roast