Giveaway: Green Mountain Coffee

Photo Credit: Mary OstynEver heard of Fair Trade coffee?  These days a lot of people have, but have you ever thought about what it really means? These days the USA imports food from many countries in the world, including countries that are incredibly poverty-stricken. This sounds like a good thing, right?  After all, we’re sending dollars into struggling economies. However it often happens that the farmers who most deserve and need to benefit from this sale end up being paid very little for their crops.  The movie Black Gold reveals that there are Ethiopian farmers getting 50 cents a day to grow coffee that will be sold in America for $8 a pound.  But since in most cases the farmers are not in a position of power, they don’t have the ability to charge more.

The Fair Trade movement aims to change that.  Fair Trade coffee is bought from the farmer at a higher price than is standard, which allows the farmers to be more fairly compensated for their labor.  And the great thing for the consumer of Fair Trade coffee is that this coffee is also better quality, which makes Fair Trade a win-win for everyone.

I had the opportunity to try out some Fair Trade coffee produced by Green Mountain Coffee.  I was sent a variety of different flavors, and have tried several.   The French vanilla flavor was a little too mellow for my taste–I like my coffee to just about bite me back.  But the Sumatran Reserve– oh my! — it is a full bodied dark roast and it is  exactly what I like in a coffee.   There are many other flavors as well, including Vermont Country Blend, Columbian Fair Trade Select, French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Dark Magic, and Wild Mountain Berry.

This month I am giving away one Keurig coffee pot along with an assortment of Green Mountain coffee.  All you have to do to enter the drawing is comment below and tell me your favorite flavor of coffee.

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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or olderWinners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.  The Official Rules are available here.  Enter between September 8 – 24th.  You may also wish to visit the BlogHer Promotions Page.  Or you can go here to like Green Mountain Coffee on Facebook.


  1. Bec Jacobson says:

    My favorite flavor of coffee is mocha! Your book has been a blessing to me too. Thanks!

  2. Krystal Griffin says:

    Vanilla if I have a flavor at all. I often prefer a nice strong variety over the flavored kind.

  3. I like any kind of vanilla flavor in my coffee. I also know of a brand that has a cinnamon bun coffee, and I enjoyed drinking that when I had the chance.

  4. Frances Sutton Robinson says:

    We have a grocer in Texas that has coffee blends from different regions in the state. My favorite is the Houston blend!! Followed by the Hill Country and Austin!!

  5. I go for whatever single origin, fair trade, shade grown, organic beans I can find on sale.

  6. I love hazelnut!

  7. Amber Howard-McGinnis says:

    My favorite coffee is a mellow breakfast blend! 😀

  8. I love Fair Trade coffee! My fav varieties are Sumatran and other Indonesian coffees (Sulawesi is gorgeous) but I also like the dryness of the East African coffees. Once I let an Ethiopian woman that I barely knew stay at my house for 2 nights and she thanked me with an entire KILO of Ethiopian coffee from a small roaster in Addis Abbaba and it was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! 🙂

    Oh in case you can’t tell, I detest flavoured coffees. They are just wrong. Possibly forbidden in Leviticus? Chocolate and caramel and berries go NEXT to coffee, WITH coffee, not IN coffee. Just a simple matter of prepositions 😉

  9. I live Sumatran too. My hubby is the coffee expert, though, and he really likes Ethiopian especially when he has time to roast it himself.

  10. It sounds like I would like the vanilla. I like mellow coffee.

  11. wow! what a fun giveaway 🙂 my hubs and i were just talking about how we’d love to get a keurig! i love just plain coffee (a breakfast blend sort), but my favorite creamer flavor is french vanilla.

  12. Cindy Brown says:

    I. Love. Coffee. Usually any blend of good quality coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kona, Ethiopian, you name it. My children tease that coffee is the only thing I drink, and they would be right. A Keurig would be a nice addition to my kitchen counter.

  13. mine is a peppermint mocha made by Geheradeli

  14. J. Johnson says:

    I love, love, love, the dark roast coffees with a little cream and a little sugar. But I also love the Blueberry Morning Roast from Gloria Jean’s Coffee.

  15. I used to strongly dislike coffee… until I tried hazelnut. Now, I like having mostly any flavor, but still love having my hazelnut!

  16. I love a mocha. With some cinnamon. I like any coffee best though, when cold brewed. Mmmmm. There’s just something about it. 🙂

  17. I retweeted yours —!/musicnazi
    Also posted the same to Facebook. My friends will know! 🙂
    Thanks Mary.

    (I say that as if I know you. I don’t. But I’m sure we’d be friends if we had the chance.) 🙂

  18. I like hazlenut coffee, but I also like a plain Columbian with added yummy creamer flavors. 🙂

  19. I love vanilla or mocha or caramel. Yum!

  20. I like a regular breakfast blend normally, but would love to try the Vermont Country Blend you mentioned! It sounds lovely!

  21. I like my coffee creamy and medium roast…I do not want it to put hair on my chest…

  22. I like it mild, so vanilla would be my fave. Thanks for the chances! Oh, I also tweeted about it under @semayawibeth. 🙂

  23. Kimberly Busby says:

    I love dark roast, really strong, no muss or fuss, put hair on your chest coffee. The rest of life can be soooo complicated. I like to keep my coffee simple!

  24. My favorite K cup coffee is Newman’s Special Blend. It’s bite ya back bold, especially after several pound of the mellow Gevelia Traditional Roast which, oddly enough, is my second favorite coffee.

  25. I never liked coffee until I was told by a doctor I could no longer have caffeine. So, I quit drinking Dr. Pepper and started drinking decaf coffee. I love decaf white chocolate mochas from Starbucks or decaf Mint Conditions from Caribou. If I’m making it myself, just a nice coffee with lots of yummy creamer in it satisfies me.

  26. Pick a favorite… that’s like asking me to choose which child is my favorite. Pretty much whichever is closest at the moment 🙂 Thanks for the give-a-way.

  27. I love Sumatra for “straight” coffee drinking and hazelnut or French Vanilla for company. However, we are into retirement so we make way less big pots of coffee for a bunch of company…so a Keurig would be wonderful. It’s on our wish list.

  28. My favorite coffee flavors are french vanilla and hazlenut. I’m just not a big fan of the strong coffee. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. I like vanilla and caramel coffee.

  30. Richel Hubbard says:

    I’m a hazelnut girl!

  31. Like a poster above, my favorite coffee is a Texas brand and the flavor is Taste of San Antonio. It’s chocolately and nutty and cinnamony.

  32. I love a dark roast with no added flavor.

  33. Love me some Green Mountain Coffee! Thanks!

  34. No flavor for me! Strong, plain coffee. Mmm. I’d love a Keurig!

  35. My favorite flavor is Creme Brulee.

  36. My favorite is something mellow, sounds like I’d like the Vanilla flavor you tried. However, I also enjoy a little cinnamon flavor in my coffee.

  37. Once a year I treat myself to a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, but normally at home I love strong, rich coffee. I buy the darkest and boldest that I can find at the grocery store. If I do receive a gift card from Starbucks, I choose Sumatra. Yum!

  38. I like a medium roast usually, but I do enjoy a dark roast occasionally to switch things up. The Sumatran sounds wonderful. And of course, I have to have a little cream and sugar, organic sugar, low-fat half-half.

  39. Flavors are not really my thing, unless I’m buying a sweet dessert coffee drink. Otherwise a nice bold organic coffee is what I love.

  40. I love the Kona blend coffees the best. Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy & Austrian k-cups are close behind for favorite status.

  41. I love Green Mountain coffee. Then again we do live close to green mountains:) However I do not have Keurig and I would love to own one:) Maybe I will get lucky 🙂

  42. I don’t drink flavored coffee too often because Hubs thinks that it is sacrilegious, but I would say that vanilla is my very favorite!

  43. My favorite flavor has yet to be found. I don’t like coffee, but I have a dear friend who does and would love to win this for her.

  44. Pumpkin Spice (at least this time of year!).

  45. Any coffee with vanilla creamer 🙂

  46. I love pumpkin spice. Oh my I need some now!!!

  47. We just like a good dark roast. Though some nice hazelnut creamer makes it a tasty treat. 🙂

  48. I typically don’t go for the flavored coffees, but a caramel would probably be at the top if I had to pick one. I do love Colombian roasts (med. roast). LOVE coffee!