Life-giving, grace-filled parenting

Yesterday evening I sat down to catch up on my blog-reading. Often when I’m skimming through to get caught up, I think ruefully that I need to trim my list. But invariably in reading I find treasure after treasure after treasure. This evening I want to share four such finds with you, from four different friends, all adding wisdom to a common theme:  how to parent our children in a life-giving grace-filled way.


  • First, my dear friend Carrien shares her mission statement. Ever written one? I think mine would be similar to Carrien’s if I did. Exceedingly inspirational.
  • Leila is a person whose blog I discovered fairly recently. She writes about self-control, and its centrality both in raising children of character, and in finding joy in the midst of doing that important work. Insightful.
  • Then there’s Hannah’s post on loving our children. The feeling is often easier than the actual doing, and Hannah’s post offers loving, encouraging exhortation to do the work that only we can do for our children.
  • And finally there’s Jess, writing about soul care— how we as parents can stay fueled ourselves so that we continue to have energy to reach out in love to our precious children.

Usually my intentions are right.  And by God’s grace there are moments most days where my actions are congruent with my greatest goals and longings in life as a mother. But it is so easy to let days slip past in an endless waterfall of tasks, with not enough time spent on that which is most meaningful.  And so I appreciate these wise reminders.  They encourage me to straighten my back and begin again tomorrow with a good will, being confident of this: that He who began a good work in me will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


  1. Thanks again, Mary for the gentle reminder to remember those things most important. And I took from your posting not to get caught up in the little things why the big picture slips from sight.

  2. Oh I love this, I am so glad you shared!


  3. Thank-you Mary. 🙂 I needed to read Leila’s post last week. We all forget in the rush of everyday to connect to what’s really important. That would be why I”m writing reminders for myself any way. 🙂