Six and a half

“Mommy?” she says plaintively as I come into her dim room to kiss her before she falls asleep this evening.  “I wish I was seven and a half instead of six and a half.”

In a world where all your siblings are older than you, what little one wouldn’t pine to catch up?  But my heart catches at the thought of her not-6.

“You’ll be seven soon, ” I reassure her, snuggling into her neck and breathing in her little-girl self.  “But I’m glad you’re not seven yet because 6 year olds are wonderful!”

She giggles and I laugh too.  Inside me it feels more like a sigh. So fast. How can she be growing so fast?

But I have her now and I will enjoy.  Drink in the delight of my little girl right now, still young enough to slide down slides, innocent enough to be amazed by goats, unselfconscious enough to soak herself in the fountain, and tiny enough to fill just part of her Oma’s trim lap.


























Seven will be a wonderful age.   But now I will soak in all the joy that is six.




  1. Six is wonderful. She is beautiful. Enjoy every moment, Mary!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. My two younger (African) kids are 6 and 7, my daughter turning 8 next month. It seems like yesterday that we brought them home with us from South Africa.



  3. Children REALLY bring to light the verse…Life is but a vapor…
    They grow up WAY TOO FAST!
    She is such a beautiful young lady!

  4. As parents we all agree kids grow up so fast and pretty soon another year rolls by. After a cancer diagnosis (11 years in remission) of my now 12 year old daughter, you tend to pack as much into each and every day, take day trips often to different sites, connect physically with relatives and friends often, don’t waste time worrying about little things, and have fun.

  5. Yes, it is amazing how in a child’s world they are always wanting to be older than they are, esp. the younger children in a family!! She is truly a beautiful girl!!

  6. She’s a love!

  7. My only daughter is turning 7 on Thursday! How timely!

  8. Sweet!!

  9. Could not have said it better. 6 is the BEST. xoxox