Tuesday’s run = 4 miles.   Slow, but non-stop. I am not the person I thought I was.

Are you interested in surprising yourself?   Stay tuned for a fitness challenge coming in September…


  1. Congratulations on pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do! I am excited to hear about your fitness challenge. I started C25K two days ago. I am sore but so incredibly excited!

  2. Wonderful!! You go, girl!

  3. GO MARY!!! I love this!

  4. I don’t run anymore but ride my exercise bike and walk. It always amazes my kids that I can ride for as long as I do and have no problem walking our school track for hours also.
    I pop in a movie while riding my bike and have no problems getting to the end. Walking is so peaceful and don’t have to think about cars, etc. while on the track that I can just walk and walk.
    I need to get a pedometer and find out how much I am walking!

  5. looking forward to this challenge. YEARS ago, I started running to get in shape, but let it go with kids, work schedule, my husband’s work schedule opposite mine so the kids could be with one of us, and this fall will be the first time in MANY years when all of my kids will be in school for a good portion of the day for at least 2 days a week. My plan is to take advantage of this 2x during the week to start running and then sneak in a run on the weekends and then try to find time during another weekday so I’m running 4-5x week – not long runs, but short to get me back into some shape. I need to do it…not because its fun or I want to, but because my body needs to be healthy…

  6. Thanks for posting this. Needed it today. I’m training for a 1/2 marathon in September. 5 weeks to go. I was supposed to run 4.5 yesterday but didn’t. So then was supposed to today to catch up and almost had myself talked out of it. Thankfully I didn’t and it was one of my best runs. Long run on Sunday of 7 miles. (At my slow pace that’s about an hour and 1/2. Yikes.) Between now and then I’m going to memorize this quote! 🙂

  7. I kept telling myself “Eye on the prize!” this morning during my run. I was so sore from tiling the day before. 3.2 and mostly uphill because I ran a new route. But I finished!

    I can’t wait for the challenge!

  8. That is great Mary! I am running again this summer and need to sign up for a race in the fall to keep me motivated. I am struggling with the not stopping thing. It is so easy to just walk a little bit. Can’t wait for your challenge.

  9. Yay you!!!

  10. You are AWESOME! Thanks for the inspiration :o)