The too-tall mixer: a story

Making space for a mixer

Ever since I was blessed with a lovely red Kitchen-Aid a year or two ago, I’ve had a dilemma. Storing it on the counter showed it off nicely but used valuable counter space. The other option was the pantry, except due to its height, the only place it fit there was on the floor.  Not ideal.

Last week John and I brainstormed a solution. My pantry is triangular, with two sides of the triangle being shelving, and the long side of the triangle consisting of bi-fold doors. This leaves a nice bit of open space in the center, allowing you to walk into the pantry. We decided it also gave us just enough space deepen one of the shelves with a new bit of shelving, on which we could place the mixer. (John says I’m never going to be done coming up with new places for him to build shelves, and maybe it is true. Shelves do so improve a place.)

Once John got the new curved shelf installed in the corner, it obviously needed paint. And looking at the shelves around it, I could see the truth: the whole pantry was in need of paint. Saturday morning I made a Home Depot run to pick out glossy white paint for the shelving. There I spotted a ‘mistake’ quart of gloss red paint on mark-down (rejected by someone who didn’t like the color after it was mixed) and on impulse decided to use it to paint the walls behind the shelves.

It was 3 PM before I got started emptying shelves. It was 11 PM when I got the last paint on the last shelf. But as you can see, it is a real improvement. We ended up actually adding two shelves: one for the Kitchen-Aid and one above it for my food processor, which I’d been storing taken apart because all stacked together, it didn’t fit on my shelving either. So the two new bits of shelving really improved my space.

Here’s what I started with.  It’s a good pantry, but it definitely needed some straightening and cleaning.

Here’s how it looked with the shelves all emptied.  Yikes, what a mess.

Here’s how it looked all crisp and ready to be filled.  You can see the two new curved shelves that John built for me.   I am so blessed to have a handyman for a husband!

And here’s the finished project, from various angles.

It feels like a whole new pantry– I love it.  And yes, this too was a Pinterest-inspired project– here’s the photo that got our creative wheels spinning.

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  1. Brilliant!!

  2. I love it, Mary!! For some reason, this blog post didn’t get delivered to me, just fyi, in case others didn’t get it also. xoxo

  3. It looks amazing. I HATE to paint and will pay my kids just about anything to do it for me.

  4. What a great idea! “Oops” paint is the best deal ever…I’ve used it all over my house! Love the red.

  5. Kathleen says:


    It’s offical. I’m in love with your hubby John for doing this! Who knew that shelving could make me drool? Ha! Ha! My hubby is a “John” too…and he’s brilliant with computers!
    Ahhh…the grass is always greener, right?

    Seriously though, kudos to you both on completing such an inspired project!

  6. Love Pinterest, love your new pantry, really love the red paint, love (and envy a little) that yo uahve such a great spot for your mixer and love that I too, have a sweet hubby who will build me a shelf whenever I need one! WTG John! 😉

  7. Nice shelf spacing!
    I miss having a big mixer, especially the dough hook for holiday cookies gifts. Have been working with a hand-held for years, but it might be time to re-think the pantry space, so this is inspiring. Not that I would get it done in a day like you and your mate did.
    Whewee– so much energy!

    the finished photo is missing the pencil sharpener
    Where did it go?

    • The pencil sharpener was in a perfect position to dump shavings in the mixer’s bowl. It will be finding a new home in the garage where shavings won’t be adding to our diet. 🙂

  8. Neat!! What a fun project!!

  9. WOW. I love the red paint and glossy white!

  10. Oops paint is the best! The red background is fabulous and really makes it look so nice and fancy.

    The green-eyed monster always rears its head when I see photos of your pantry… I have to use my regular cabinets for food, the Kitchen Aid takes up the counter, and I have no place to add a pantry area. 🙁 Since I don’t have a handyman around, and have no idea how to do this myself, I suppose it doesn’t make much difference. LOL.

  11. People always get kitchen-aids in colors to match their kitchen decor – so it’s funny to me that yours matches your pantry! Do you have a 2nd pantry? Where are you going to put everything you can this year? You have lots leftover!

    I’ve been making myself wipe down the cellar shelves when I’ve gotten something canned and need to put it there so maybe by fall when I’m done the shelves will all be clean? So far this year: strawberry jam, and raspberries. This week: cherry pie filling & jam and sweet cherries. Yeah for canning!

    • Hi Alea, As the canning season progresses, my pantry will get much more densely packed. I will also move some appliances out to the garage so that I will still have space for the new canned goods. I’m also working hard to use up last years’ canning. I have too much applesauce and jam at the moment! 🙂