Getting crafty

I’ve had such fun the last few days!  A friend who loves to craft very kindly invited me to join  Oh, my–this is a completely and utterly fun place to visit.  I am afraid I am going to have to limit the number of minutes I spend there, because you really could just click and click and click forever.  But here’s what’s different– for me, at least — about this very addictive site.   This site actually inspires me to get up and DO things around my house, to use some of the adorably creative ideas that I’ve ‘pinned’ on the site.

But maybe I’d better back up and explain a bit.

For those of you who’ve never heard of it, Pinterest is a place where people create bulletin boards of fun ideas shared in pictures.  You click around and look at other people’s bulletin boards and pretty soon you’re saying things like ” that is the coolest bunk bed ever” and “I wonder if I could put twinkle lights over my dining table?” and ” what an awesome way to jazz up a cheap Wal-Mart T-shirt!” and “that cake is the ONLY thing I want for my birthday and can we celebrate 11 months early? Please?”

And pretty soon you’re rifling through your craft drawers and digging through your cupboards to check for ingredients, and texting friends to arrange craft dates, and asking your hubby to cut wood into appropriate sizes.  I’m telling you, it is a very happy thing.  In the last three days alone, I’ve added wire shelves in a bathroom cupboard, coaxed my wonderful hubby to add shelves beside our bathroom vanity, and made our 13yo daughter a sundress.

This delightful earring holder is next on my list, and probably would appeal to a lot of ladies. After all, who doesn’t have a purposeless picture frame or two lying around, and a tangle of earrings in a drawer someplace? I am also thinking of making a new fuzzy bath mat like this one.  You make it by tying strips of old towel onto latch-hook rug backing. I’ll probably use burgundy towels instead of white ones, and yes, I do realize this could end up a fuzzy mess.  But hey, I have towels to spare and I love the look of this deeply textured rug.  Can you imagine how nice it would feel under your feet stepping out of the shower?


  1. Oh, wow. That cake. Oh, my. And that earring frame is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while!
    This is the second time Pinterest has been mentioned to me this week. I don’t quite understand the “invite” thing, though…

  2. Also newly addicted to Pintrest, as in joined on Sunday. Wish I would have joined sooner!

  3. Oh Mary I am so glad I am NOT the last one to know about this VERY addicting site!

    I will be making a post later today about a cookie recipe that I tried. I already have one about a Bread that You should try.

  4. Narelle Galloway says:

    I have nearly joined twice recently!!! Would love to, only wondering how much of my FB account is exposed to others??? Do you know? I don’t want others having access to my kiddo, but I’m afraid I don’t understand all the lingo… 🙁 Is it only your public info??

  5. Wow- I never thought I’d be so impatient knowing I have to be on a waiting list! Thanks for sharing this site with us! I know my girls and I are going to have a blast once we gain full-access.

  6. Love the earring frame, what a great idea. My daughters’ have been on an earring tree for years so this might be a nice change.
    And for those bothersome necklaces, we hung on a plastic hanger with a small piece of tape holding in place and then hung on the wall. Nice decoration and the girls can find anything quickly.

  7. Shelley says:

    Narelle – I felt the same way when I first decided to ‘start pinning’. I’m not savvy enough to figure out how invasive the site would be into my Facebook account, so I opened a Twitter account that I don’t use. (I never understood the allure of Twitter. Every time I looked into it I was confused by all the one sided ‘conversations’ I saw.)

    So my empty Twitter account was enough to open a Pinterest account. Yipee! Pinterest is amazing, and I’m a little sad it only recently came into being. All those years bookmarking projects & inspiration! I love having everything in one spot (that’s not my bookmark list)!

    • Kristina says:

      Thank you for giving the idea of the empty twitter account!! I did that!! and now I am addicted!!!

      Thank you Mary for telling about this site! I love having my stuff all together, but it is so addicting!! UGH

  8. You know those picture frames we modge podged sometime last summer? They’ve been sitting on a shelf of mine being pretty but unused because they have no glass and no back to hold a picture in. Um, duh! Earring holder! Only, I just went to look for them and they’re packed up already. *facepalm* Guess I’ll just have to do it later!

    Also, I adore pintrest. It’s very time-sucking, but I love how easy it is to sort out the categories of my inspirations and keep them all in one spot! Fun stuff. 🙂