Scenes from family camp

Eldest and youngest

Cousins eating Oreos at the lake

Cousins that scream together stick together. (Except when one falls off the tube.)

Erika and Israel watching the volleyball game. Kind of.

Row, row, row your boat….

Sunset on the lake

My 19yo rocking the guitar in the chapel

My 16yo playing drums AND harmonica in chapel

Where the little kids hung out to be cool. And wet.

Our oldest daughter Amanda and her husband Ben

Our littlest hanging out with friend Alyssa

A rousing game of ‘dust’ball

Our 13 year old son was right in there with his big brothers

Our 13 year old daughter and her friends figured out how to play leapfrog on this big ball.

Little sis still has some growing to do before she masters that ride.

Our other 13 year old son whittling by the campfire with a friend

Our 15 year old daughter with some of her favorite people in the world

Our 9 year old enjoying a snuggle with her Oma (my mom), who is definitely one of the favorite people in both our worlds.


  1. I love the Oreo line around “B”‘s mouth. Precious and so cute! 🙂

  2. Wow – you look like your mom! – and that is a good thing 🙂 – Both beautiful woman

  3. love the shot of the ‘littles’ at the tap! Oh, and Erin from See Mom Run Far sent me. 🙂

  4. Loved the pictures – I got warm fuzzies looking at them and reminded myself, yet again, to fully appreciate every moment with our precious family. All families are so precious and your pictures were a beautiful reminder. Thank you.