Gypsy Mama has something called 5 Minute Friday, where she gives a writing prompt and asks people to set a timer and just write, no editing. This week’s theme was Backwards, and I set out to give it a try. Except then one kid needed something, and another kid needed something, and with at least 9 interruptions my 5 minutes stretched to quite a few more than that. (Perhaps I should have locked myself in my room.) Still, I decided to post this, and would encourage you to go back to Gypsy Mama’s place and also read some of the writing of people who actually followed directions! 🙂



Usually when I moving through the school day with my children, I have a goal in sight, a general idea of how much math and reading and science each child needs to get done that day. But there are moments some days that feel like we’re getting off course, where siblings are warring over pencils or answering questions with way too much sass in their voices. Moments where I have to pause, question, guide, redirect.

For the longest time I saw those moments as stoppage, as idling in fumes in the train station instead of chugging along the tracks toward homeschool success. Talking to children while moments ticked by left me frustrated at the lack of forward motion.  Until I remembered an important thing.  The core reason we homeschool is to shepherd our children’s hearts. Sure, academic learning is important, and being able to customize teaching to the needs of each child is wonderful.  But what we most want to do is to guide and teach our kids regarding issues of heart and soul. When a ‘behavior’ issue comes up, it’s not really stopping school, it is actually redirecting me the momma to the heart of what is most important on this parenting journey– the battle being waged in my kids’ hearts.  Those teaching moments are priceless; time spent in the center of my highest priorities.

We need the school-day chart on the side of the fridge to encourage us along the tracks towards our academic goals.  But the organic, unscheduled times spent talking about struggles and heart issues are not interruptions to our day, but God guiding us from the switch yard, making sure the train of our family is still on track, channeling us back to the core of what is most important on this journey together as a family.  The more I can embrace that thought, the more patient and loving I can be as I pause with children and sort through what’s going on in their hearts.


  1. THIS IS SO TRUE. How often I forget. Thanks for sharing!

  2. If I judge my homeschooling from a chart or to do list I am always a failure. Interruptions are absolutely God moments teaching US to rely on Him for our heart’s desires so we can teach this to our children. I feel better when I can check off something but I know God is most pleased when I reach for my children’s hearts as well as their minds.