9 days

… til my first 5K.   I’m hoping to run the See Jane Run 5K in Boise on June 18th- I registered to run it a few months ago.  I say ‘hoping’ because I seem to have pounded a bruise (?) on one of my heels, possibly with the blazing speed of my most recent run.  Am rather pleased by the pace of that run— 3 miles in 31:04 — definitely a personal best.  Am less pleased that my relatively new NB shoes allowed that left heel to feel so bruised.  Dunno what’s going on there. I was running on cinders, and really don’t feel like I was landing that hard on my heels. I tend to land mid-foot.

I am planning to take Wed-Fri off from running.  Ideally I’d like to run a mile on Saturday or Sunday, get 3 miles on Monday or Tues, then rest the 3-4 days before the race. It is not huge pain, but it does leave me wanting to step lightly. Skipping more than 2 of running makes me antsy these days.  But there’s no sense making things worse just for a race– I’d rather be able to keep running long-term.  So I will try to be patient.

I don’t think I’ll get New Balance shoes again.  They’ve worked moderately OK for me, but all along they’ve felt less padded than my Asics in the heel area.  Anytime I run more than a couple miles in them, my heels feel kinda pounded.  This is the first time I’ve felt literally bruised, but it does seem that something about my old Asics was better for my heels.  I’ve heard great things about the Brooks, so I’m at least going to try them on next time I’m near the running store…  But I may end up in Asics again anyway.  We’ll see.  Such an odd thing that running does to a person.  Never have I been so obsessed with shoes in my life!


  1. So many people I know that run a lot love their Asics. Personally, I love my Mizuno’s. After a painful episode with plantar fasciitis, I don’t wear anything else. Of course, I did end up with orthotics, too, but now I’m pain-free!

  2. Do you have a dedicated running store in your area? We have RunOn here in Texas (http://www.runontexas.com/) and they are great in that they assess your specific foot for the particular type of shoe that should work best for you. I don’t even run but can tell a huge difference in the comfort of the shoes I’ve bought there. They tend to be a little pricier, but you could always write down the shoe brand/style that works best for you and then find it online or at another retailer.

  3. Awesome!!! Have a great time! I love my Brooks. I had the Glycerin 8’s and then wore them out and now have the Glycerin 6’s (They were an older model and cheaper) and I love them.

    I hear you on the running. It’s an addiction!

  4. Carolyn Kahler says:

    Congrats on the 5K run! You might want to try Saucony shoes, if you haven’t already. I had trouble with New Balance as well, and switched to Saucony for longer runs.

  5. Doh. May want to google plantar fasciitis…

  6. Yep! No barefoot, no flip flops, roll your arches/heels on a frozen water bottle and 3x a day do a 20 second wall sretch of both calves. Nip the heel pain in the bud.

    Good luck in your race!,

  7. I feel like I need to suggest again that flatter, less shoe is better to avoid the heel strike. If you don’t like Vibrams, you might consider http://www.softstarshoes.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=1822&CFID=6363024&CFTOKEN=49201151&jsessionid=84309ca2f75c39181fd11d20b5742790642c Go with God’s design of the foot.

    • Actually I just went and bought some Brooks after the lady at the store said that the NB are ‘a lot of shoe’ and are apparently designed for heavier folks and heel strikers, neither of which I am. (I spent two months trying to like the NB, and then gave up!) The Brooks feel lighter and much more flexible and have lots of toe room, so I am very optimistic that they will suit me better. I am still considering the vibrams, but can’t quite make myself pull the trigger on them…

  8. But you would need to work into using the different shoes, if you remember.

  9. As a new runner (well, slow jogger actually) I had the same heel pain and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis- no fun but not the worst thing ever. Do try and get in under control before both feet feel it- stretching and frozen water bottle rolling under the foot worked for me. Good luck in your 5k! You will do great!