Sturdy affordable swimwear

Looking for good sturdy swimsuits for kids?  I sometimes find good ones at Costco for reasonable prices. has a nice selection of suits. has an excellent selection as well.  Their rash guard swimwear is a great solution if you’re looking for modest swimwear or swimwear with good sun protection for your kids.  And I love their Dolphin ‘Uglies’.  The patterns of these suits are actually really cute, and they wear like iron. Several of our Uglies have lasted 2 or 3 seasons swimming in chlorine nearly every day.

Speaking of swimming, I just peeked under our pool cover, and was thrilled to see that the water doesn’t even look dirty.  A good dose of chlorine in the next week or so, and we should be set for a summer of swimming.  (Go here to read the story of our affordable pool!)  I love summertime!


  1. I’ve been able to find nice suits (Speedo) for my daughter at Sam’s Club. I’ve found that Speedo tends to look more sporty than skimpy. 🙂

  2. Kohl’s also a great place to find a nice assortment of speedo type suits, and tankinis at fairly reasonable prices considering you are not at a walmart or target.

  3. I am thrilled with the swimsuits I just got my girls through a wonderful sale at Kohls. They are a one piece with a skirt. The girls were super excited about the fun patterns and flowers on the skirt. I was super excited also about the modesty factor, which is something so hard to find.