Probably my first TV post ever

John and I watch almost no TV.  We’re too cheap to pay for cable/satellite TV, and in most cases there isn’t anything on regular TV that interests us enough to warrant the time spent. The occasional show that is interesting seems always to be on too early in the evening, and either it or the commercials surrounding it aren’t appropriate for children.  For years the TV has been on for only an hour or two of PBS in the morning, and once or twice a week when we watch a movie.

However since Netflix has so dramatically expanded its instant-watch options, John and I have branched out a little.  After hearing endless people talk about ‘Lost’, we broke down and started watching it, an episode at a time late at night after the kids went to bed.  The story is NOT pure as driven snow, don’t get me wrong–there were times when we fast-forwarded or turned the computer screen away for a minute, even though only he and I were in the room.  But wow, the writers did a great job developing the various characters, and showing how they changed over time.   We thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, and were sad when the series ended.

By then we’d grown fond of streaming TV shows–43 minutes is a nice bit of unwind time at the end of the day at our own convenience, commercial-free, without being as much of a time-suck as watching a whole movie.  After ‘Lost’ we hunted around for another series.  We tried the detective shows ‘Castle’ and ‘Monk’ and didn’t love either one.  Too many bodies, some dead and some live but poorly clad. Yikes.  Our current choice is a detective show called ‘Psych’.  It is utterly corny at some moments.  But it has light-hearted, entertaining vibe, and in general the clothing choices are reasonable.

Speaking of choosing clothing, on evenings when everyone leaves me to my night-owl self, I have a different favorite:  ‘Say Yes to the Dress’.  It is completely frivolous, watching brides on the hunt for the dress that will make their lives (or at least their wedding day) complete.  But it is a fun little thing to keep me company at the side of my computer screen while I’m blogging late at night.

What about you?  Seen anything lately on Netflix that’s worth recommending?


  1. Jennifer says:

    Family favorites on netflix are Mythbusters and Man vs. Wild, actually there are a lot of creative “fix it up, make it work, do with what you’ve got” type shows that we love that are available. We also loved America: The Story of Us, and the Engineering an Emprie series. At 20 minutes long, Shaun the Sheep has been great for kids, and the whole family laughs. I haven’t seen All Creatures Great & Small on netflix, but saw a few on dvd and loved them, might look for that next.

  2. This one might have been mentioned already, but hubby and I really enjoyed Jericho (w/ Gerald McRaney). It’s about a small town in CO after nuclear bombs destroy several cities in America. It wasn’t perfect but I rank it up there with LOST in quality.

  3. Toniette says:

    My husband and I love curling up to watch Corner Gas- it’s a Canadian comedy about residents in a small town in Saskatchewan. Very witty and clever- some language issues, primarily from a crotchety old man, but overall pretty clean!

  4. Not sure if it’s on netflix or not but we love The Voice!!! If it’s not on netflix you can check it out on!!!