How can it be..?

My baby has a loose tooth.  And boy, can she hula!  But she’s still my baby anyway….
(Click on photos to enlarge.)

(‘Tacky’ headband: ‘Because Every Mother Matters‘)


  1. beautiful girl and lovely photos.

  2. She is just gorgeous! 🙂

  3. multi-taskingmom says:

    Awwww Mary – she’s getting so big – a loose tooth, sigh. I’m just waiting for the day my youngest get’s his first loose tooth. There’s just something about that milestone isn’t there? One happy thought though – by the time he gets a loose tooth, he won’t be the youngest anymore :-).

  4. laura h. says:

    Hula hooping was something I could never do and was envious of people who could until I found the hula hoops filled with water. They are larger and somewhat heavier but I can now hula with the best of them. I is a great form of exercise and fun too.
    Also a fun outdoor activity for a few children or adults at a time is the chinese jump rope. If you haven’t had one of these for your kids, spend the $1.50 or a little bit more, will keep everyone entertained for hours.
    Your little girl looks like she is having a ball.

  5. Hi Mary,

    What a beautiful family you have! Your girl is gorgeous. I have an African daughter too.

    Natacha (from Luxembourg)

  6. Oh that looks like fun, and she is so pretty. I haven’t tried to hula hoop in years probably would break something now!!!