New running gear = fun!

Recently I was sent a cute new running dress called a Nuu-Muu to review on my blog.   I tried it on and immediately liked the feel and weight of the fabric, as well as the flattering cut of the dress.

Male readers may wander away at this point if you don’t want TMI, but gals understand the issues female runners have with shorts.  Unless they’re very long, loose shorts often creep up, leaving you pulling them down repeatedly.  Tight shorts stay put better but unless you wear a long shirt, they’re quite figure-revealing. A lot of gals these days love running skirts (with built-in shorts underneath).  I’ve tried them on but feel they make me look very wide.

This dress has a lot going for it.  It skims over tight shorts, stays down when you’re moving, and is sleeveless for coolness.  And because the top and skirt is combined, the look is much more figure-flattering than a running skirt.  It even has a double pocket at the back of the waist, perfect for a driver’s license or a cell phone or your ipod. Several of my family members, including my husband, thought it looked too dressy for exercise.  But that might actually be an advantage during the times when you end up running to the store before you hit the gym.  I ran errands before the rec center yesterday (wearing the dress, capris, and a black jacket) and felt cute and well dressed.  The dress also looks cute (kinda like a tunic) with slim-fitting jeans and a sweater/shrug.  So you can see, it has a lot of potential for being a versatile wardrobe item.

Now I’m not gonna lie– at $80, I find the price point of this garment to be personally painful.  That is a LOT of money, and as beautifully functional as the dress is, I’d still have to think long and hard before paying that much for a single item of clothing. But if this dress sounds like it would solve your running wardrobe dilemma, the folks at Nuu-Muu are offering a 10% off coupon.  The code is NUUOWL — just type it in at checkout to get the savings.  There are lots of different patterns of the same basic dress.  Check out this picture for one more example of the versatility of the dress.


  1. I LOOOOOVE that! I just started training to run a 10k by my birthday and then a half marathon in the fall. Maybe I’ll get one as a birthday present for myself if I’m actually on track to be able to run my race. 🙂 It’ hard to find running clothes that don’t make you look like a floozy. This seems perfect.

  2. Cute! Totally modest but uber flattering too! Very nice!

  3. That is adorable. I have the same running clothes issues you mention. I want to love running in a skirt but I feel so uncovered as I swish along running. Hmmm…

  4. OOPs! And I meant to say you look GREAT! wwwwwwwwway too young to have children grown and married.

  5. Great look. I am intrigued by running skorts and now I’m curious about this. Does it have shorts in it or do you have to wear a separate pair of shorts/pants?

    • Some running skirts have snug shorts underneath and some have attached briefs. The dress I’m blogging about here doesn’t have anything attached– you wear whatever shorts/leggings/capris you choose.

  6. Depending on the weight of the material it would make a great swimsuit.

  7. Angela Mayer says:

    I like it! And you look fabulous! Your hard work is paying off. It’s inspiring. I keep thinking about asking my running friend to help me get started and then I chicken out. Keep reminding us how much you love running, OK?

  8. Love it!!!

  9. Do you get to keep this one? If so, SCORE!!!!

  10. looks terrific and if God ever decided to move me to run – it’d be a good choice! (I have age and bad knees against the running thing)

  11. I really like this running dress! I used to be a runner. Then I tore the ligament in my foot three years in a row and that put an end to running for me for a while. Then I gained weight and it was absolutely out of the question. Now, I have been losing weight and getting fit, and my deepest desire is to try running again. This dress might just be a great solution for me because I would like to look a bit modest while running.

    Thanks for reviewing this dress! I will have to send the link along to some of my girlfriends!

  12. I really like that! It’s nice looking and modest. A bit out of my price range but definitely cute!!!

  13. You look so cute in this dress, Mary! I have to leave a comment to gush.

  14. I hadn’t seen this running gear before. But I’ll have a look now at their site. Thanks.

  15. Wondering if you think that it would work well for swimming/playing in the water or not~Wondering if the dress would just ride up or not. Perhaps after your morning run you can jump in the pool and let me know! lol

    It looks adorable on you! Wish they had an option with a bit more of a sleeve!

    • Hi Tricia, I will try to remember to try it in the pool. Am thinking it would float up a bit, but you could wear running shorts under it…

  16. Yes, running shorts would be a must =) Just wanting to know if the dress ends up under your arms. My daughter usually wears running shorts with the skirt attached and a rash guard for the shirt. The dress that you have on looks like it would work and is so more stylish =)


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