talking about food

This week has been a little nutty.   I’ve been trying to get back into ‘real’ life after the Chile trip, and I’ve also been preparing to do a couple of talks about bringing down your grocery budget.  Thursday’s talk was on skype, with patrons of the Tuskarawas County Library in Ohio.  Friday morning I met with a MOPS group in Boise.  Both talks turned out to be a lot of fun.  People obviously cared about the topic and  had great questions, which made it even more fun.   And the babies at the MOPS group–  be still, my heart, they were gorgeous!  Shout out to any of you who might be reading here– thanks for hanging out with me and adding to the discussion.

I always enjoy hearing other people’s ideas for saving money.  One woman mentioned that she freezes her old bananas and then makes banana pudding out of them.  I make banana bread with mine, but I haven’t tried banana pudding, so that was an interesting idea for me.  Another woman said that she’s found gallon ziplocks to be cheapest at the dollar store in our area, which I thought was another good tip.

I’ve got more talks coming up at the end of April at homeschool conventions in OKC and in Tulsa. I am interested in feedback from any of you who might live in or around Oklahoma City.  We’re talking about doing a meetup for anyone interested in getting together with other bloggers/ blog readers in the area.  If you’d be interested in something like this, would you weigh in and tell me which time is better for you?   The times we are considering are:

  • Tues April 26th at 11:30AM    OR
  • Wed April 27th at 7:30 AM

I am guessing this will mostly appeal to people who are already planning on attending the homeschool convention, but anyone near OKC is welcome! If you are interested, would comment here or email me ( and tell me which time is better for you?  There’s also going to be a meetup in Tulsa, probably Thursday evening April 28th, so let me know if you’re interested in that one too.  Thanks!

I am now off to run kids to soccer.  Tomorrow I’ve got another big book giveaway, and I’m hoping to finish telling you about our Chile trip!  We’ll see how much of it gets written!


  1. Mary Alice says:

    Quick comment about the dollar store brand zip lock bags. I brought them with me to China in December to help hold documents, jewelry, gifts, etc in my luggage. Big mistake. They were cheaper, yes, but just trying to open them ripped every single one of them. They were totally useless. I realize brands can vary and actually the generic Kroger ones are pretty good and still cheaper than the big name brands. The dollar store ones, though, were a big fail.

  2. Ah, wish I lived near OKC! Are you planning on being at either CAFO Summit or T4A this year?

  3. I wouldn’t be able to make either. Too bad. Perhaps another time.

  4. My hubby and I live in the Tulsa area and are attending the Tulsa homeschool convention, can’t wait to hear more info about the meetup!

    • Alexandra- The hope is that we can meet at a pizza place near the Tulsa/Bixby Hampton Inn on Thursday evening…details are still be worked on, however….

  5. I do believe the fine folks of Pittsburgh could use some grocery saving tips. Just sayin’. : 0 )

  6. Oh boo! I’m moving to Oklahoma City in June! 🙂

  7. I will be at the OKC convention and would love to meet up with you and others. The 11:30 time would be better for me. Thanks so much. What is the subject of your talks at the OKC convention?

    Looking forward to it,


    • Hi Wendy,
      I’ll put in your vote for 11:30! At both the OKC and the Tulsa conventions I’ll be presenting the same two topics “Fast, Delicious, Affordable Food” and “The Balancing Act: Homeschool, Housework and Activities.”

      That would be fun to meet!


  8. Oh drat, I have another meeting in Tulsa on the evening of April 28. I live a mere 3 miles from Savastinos which is the pizza place you are talking about though I have never actually been there. Maybe I will make the trip down the turnpike on Tuesday to meet up there at 11:30am. It’s just a little over an hour. Then I can go to the conference in Tulsa. Can’t wait to meet you!!!

  9. Bernadette says:

    I would love to hear you speak on the 28th! The sight mentioned above is very close to me. Hope you can make it all work. I have enjoyed your work very much.

  10. I can’t make the meetup (it is just too much with babysitters two days in a row for the convention), but I am looking forward to the Tulsa convention! I have been homeschooling for six or seven years (my oldest is almost 11) and this is my first convention. I am so excited!!! You are one of the reasons I decided to go…I have been living frugally (with varying degrees of success) for the past 10 years or so and I have an internationally adopted son (along with 2 bio kids and 2 foster kids). When I clicked on your website from the convention site, I knew I had to go to the convention. I am looking forward to hearing/seeing you.

  11. I can’t wait to hear you speak! You are the reason I decided to come to the convention again this year. I could do the 11:30 probably. Isn’t that during the convention time? Would you be staying at the Cox convention center or would you be leaving? If you are leaving the facilities then I wouldn’t be able to come. I will be bringing my teenage son and I don’t want him to miss the workshops he signed up for. Would he be able to come with me?

    • Hi Christy,

      I’m the one coordinating the meetups in OKC and Tulsa. You are correct that the OKC time is during the Convention. We will have a location in the Cox Center, either in an upstairs room or in the restaurant on the east side of the building. I’m in negotiations right now trying to get us a primo spot. Stay tuned for more details!