Packing (aka the great shoe debate)

I’ve decided that the hardest part about getting ready for a trip (besides arranging child care and planning meals while I am gone) is deciding how many pairs of shoes I need.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  I am currently looking at FIVE essential pairs of shoes.

  • High heeled dark brown boots, because I love the way they look with jeans– or dress pants too. They’re comfy enough to walk a mile or so, if sidewalks aren’t too uneven.   I am seriously considering wearing them on the plane, they’re that comfy, and did I mention they’re cute?
  • Dressy white cork-heeled sandals, to wear with a dress for fancy occasions.  (Despite the heel, I can walk a mile or so in these to without feeling too much pain.)
  • Brown flat tennis shoes –stable, easy-off for the airport, and ok with dress pants, but thin soled and zero padding.  My feet will definitely be sore by the end of the day, but they’re better than the boots or the sandals.
  • Running shoes– for running, obviously.  But also backup walking shoes if the brown ones kill my feet too bad.   Will save them only for running if I can stand it, because they feel frumpy going around town.
  • Brown clogs– cute with dress pants or jeans.  Not quite as stable as the brown tennis shoes, but better padded.  Might be a good alternative if other shoes make my feet too sore, and I feel too vain for the running shoes.

Crazy to be devoting that much luggage space to footwear, but that’s a narrowed-down as I can make it!  More when I get time to breathe– it is crazy around here!




  1. Bring them all….I always have twice as many shoes as the days I am gone.

  2. brown clogs for the plane (easy off, and you mention better padding than the brown tennis shoes–leave those behind if you can, and then you have only 3 pairs to pack).

  3. If you wear the boots on plane (which is what I’d do) be prepared for the hassle of removing them at ridiculous security point. BUT then you’d have nice boots, Take running shoes and brown clogs – You will no doubt find some wonderful sandals in Chile – so that’ll add to your choices and honestly – overpacking shoes is a woman’s worst luggage fault -I did it when we went to Europe and SO regretted the weight and room taken up with shoes and I could have had more underwear and tshirts (realized how often I truly needed to change and how long it took things to line dry in wet climates!)
    Of course it is your feet, your trip and you are a VERY smart lady – bottom line – do whatcha want!

  4. For me – Birkenstocks. That’s it. 🙂

  5. I’m very fond of my Chacos after looking at that list. One pair of shoes goes with any outfit, extremly comfortable, works in any situation but very cold. Except then I always talk myself into a couple more pairs of shoes “just in case”.

  6. I envy you for having it down to five pairs. I am sadly obsessed with shoes. I have two or three pairs per outfit (all bought on clearance, second-hand, or yard sales, of course!). Because I can pack one outfit and have two or three different options for shoes to go with that outfit, I wind up packing more shoes than clothes since I don’t know ahead of time which pair I will be in the mood to wear that day. It drives my husband batty. I say, pack them all, even if it requires an additional suitcase. 😉

  7. To me, the boots and clogs serve the same purpose and I’d ditch one of the two. And Linda’s right, if you leave the white sandals then it gives you an excuse to shop for some. But then again, I’m one who only owns 6 pairs total. 🙂

  8. I just want to add that you really want to have at least one pair of very comfortable walking shoes. I have a favourite pair of sport sandals that have been to 5 continents with me – so comfortable, versatile with pants, shorts, skirts, capris – not THE most stylish but that’s something I’ve learned to sacrifice when we travel. I love hearing about your preparations 🙂

  9. Since the running shoes are mostly a comfortable backup, how about buying some insert (Dr. Scholl’s-type) for the brown walking sneakers? Then your feet will stay comfy and you can leave the running shoes behind!

  10. My moccasins are all I wear for everything unless it is summer then my sandals. Only own two pair of shoes.

  11. I always wear shoes that can easily be removed on the plane – for when your feet swell up. Nothing worse than tight shoes and big feet!

    That’s not really too many shoes to take, and maybe you don’t want to or can’t find any to buy when you are away. Sometimes shopping is not what you want to be doing when you are travelling…although there is always some duty free shopping 😉