World Down Syndrome Day

In honor of World Down-Syndrome Day, I wanted to point you towards two lovely blogs that I read regularly.

Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things has two daughters, including 1 year old Nella who was born with Down syndrome.   I love her outlook on life and her gorgeous photos of her life and her precious children.

Brianna from Just Showing Up has bio and adopted kids, and is currently in the process of adopting two beautiful little girls from Ethiopia, both of whom have DS.

And here’s what Doctor Allen Crocker has to say about parenting a child with Down syndrome:

‎”Parents tell me again and again how they have been unexpectedly rewarded and blessed by seeing with new vision. These babies have an unparalleled set of personal features that take us with them, open our eyes and fill our hearts. Perhaps one of the most profound experiences of a special parenthood is coming to realize that your old perceptions were too limited and that there is much waiting to be embraced. That extra chromosome becomes a ticket to some new warmth and features that change lives and change them well.”


  1. Down Syndrome is a blessing not a curse, for we have seen it first hand in our family. Our 5th child Jonathan has down syndrome and it opened our eyes to more than we could have ever imagined! We now see life in a whole new light. Jonathan is truly a gift from the Lord. Happy World Ds day!!!!

  2. Katherine says:

    Aww, thanks for writing this, it means alot. One of our sons has Sotos Syndrome and I know there are alot of people who feel sorry for us in a well meaning way. I keep telling them that is not necessary, our son is the sweetest most gentle guy, he teaches us things everyday and loves everybody. He is 17 and completely innocent, never lied, thought a bad thought about anyone, he is all goodness. He does not notice the stares so I try not to let it bother me, I know not everyone has been around a guy like him and I also know they are missing out, he is awesome! Thanks again!

  3. Can’t forget Adeye! I love hearing about her 2 recently adopted babies!

  4. Hyphen! World Down-Syndrome Day 🙂