14 bags!

Making great progress on the 40-bag challenge.   My 13 and 15 yo girls and I each found a bag of unused clothes in our closets, along with a bag of trash, bringing my grand total to 14 bags.  This much, and I haven’t yet set foot in my little girls’ room, and I haven’t even been spending a lot of time on it.  Yehaw!  Feels good to find the space, and to bring yet another load of clothes to the ARC.

Anybody else working on this challenge?  How’s it going?


  1. I am on bag 12 today…not including two huge piles of stuff for a garage sale. It has been so awesome…yesterday I went through a whole box of cassette tapes…and we don’t even have a cassette player!!! I feel my house is getting so clean…less stressful and easier to work in. I am so glad that you made this challenge!

  2. I think I need to start! I’m being buried alive by baby clothes right now. It seems like I just transitioned out his 0-6 and in his 6-12. Now he’s ready for 12-18. I guess it’s good I’ve saved them, but it’s a bit overwhelming right now!


  3. I need to do this, Mary! A thousand times over, I need to do this. So I will begin… slowly but certainly.

    Thanks for the prompt. Thanks, also, for your kinds words of encouragement.


  4. I am kind of in-directly doing this, as we prepare for and make room for baby. It sure feels good to de-clutter spaces.

  5. That sounds wonderful! I would LOVE to get into some decluttering, unfortunately we are in survival mode trying to make it through Spring Break with some of our special kids. However — you’ve got me thinking. Tomorrow I’ll have three hours with one particular sweetie out of the house. Maybe I should tackle one room, or even one closet?? Thanks for the inspiration.


  6. We worked on this earlier this year – when my husband was on leave after his deployment we tackled a section of a room each day. Each room in the house took at least 2 days, as we combined spring cleaning with decluttering. But we made it through the whole house, and I am embarrased to admit how much stuff we cleaned out. We are now spending two hours or so Saturday mornings making sure everything is clean (bookshelves, bathrooms, etc) before going out to do something fun. It is hard! But very worth it. Keep going!

  7. I am so happy to see you post a link to the ARC! I worked for them in Utah before I got married and I grew up going to activities with people with disabilities and volunteering in their homes because my mom was the director for the program. I am sure they appreciate your donations. I went to the link and found the chapter in my state so I am hoping I can become involved with them again. (also good job on the dejunking. I have been working on that too and I love it!)

  8. You have inspired me. I am up to eight bags so far. It is fun and somewhat addictive.

  9. Bag 16 went out the door yesterday! (And my fabric stash now contains only fabric I love and will use. Threw out 3 bags of useless scraps, and gave 4 big bags to a local school that wanted it for costumes.) This has been a good process for me. I don’t consider myself a packrat, and yet 40 bags is going to be far easier than it should be…

  10. I can now see the floor of my bedroom closet! YAY me!

  11. Angela Mayer says:

    So far we’ve got two big boxes filled with stuff and several bags of trash. My 7 kids and I are spending 30 minutes a morning cleaning out. We listen to Adventures in Odyssey while we work. It’s our timer. 🙂 Thanks for the challenge! It’s really a blessing. My son and husband are going to Guatemala this summer for a mission trip and our decluttering will bless the yard sale the church is having to raise money for the trip.

  12. Don’t forget when you are decluttering to send some to the homeless shelters; abuse shelters; humane society (all the fabrics and old towels); school drama departments; schools who keep a supply of boots, etc. for students who are in need; and of course neighbors, friends, and relatives having garage sales come spring.
    We spend 15 minutes a day cleaning out a certain area of the house so that we will never have to remove more than a bag every few days, if that.
    I cannot imagine 40 bags of stuff a person doesn’t need. I don’t think we have 40 bags of stuff we DO need.

  13. Just a question…how big are your bags?Are you doing leaf-sized garbage bags or do you just count any bag of any size? I tend to stuff the giant-sized garbage bags and am pretty sure my family would have nothing to wear or play with if I did forty of those…although they would still have books to read;)!

    I’m hitting the garage big time next week and then watch out Goodwill Industries…here I come!

    Jill Farris

  14. Danielle says:

    3 bags donated, 2 more in the van waiting to go, 1 into the trash. And get this. I’m getting rid of (gasp) BOOKS (shudder). A whole apple box of them. None of which I have revisited since college days. But now the books we actually love fit on the bookshelves.

  15. We like to use the paper lawn & leaf bags from the hardware store for this. They stand up by themselves, and they really hold their shape for loading into a vehicle. We get through about a bag every 6 weeks, and we’ve been at it for over a year now. It’s amazing how we just keep weeding out what we don’t need or use. And we fit into our little house a little better when each bag leaves.

  16. Becky D. says:

    We worked mostly on Saturday. Two big black garbage bags of old papers, phone books, and junk. I went through my dresser drawers, the old socks in there were embarassing. I found several rolls of camera film both new and needing developed. It must be years old. I have a big quilt drying right now that I’ll drop off for charity. It would count as another bag.

  17. Oh I am so behind. I have only rid our house of 5 bags so far, so I am at minimum 2 behind. Mostly the problem has been spring break. The kids are home and it’s just been too hard to get the focused time I need to go through our things. I am going to plan a big push on Saturday by going through our garage. We had some road construction near our home last Fall, it drove the rats from the sewers into our neighborhood, and a few found their way into our garage. We got rid of them pronto, but it still stinks out there a bit so we have to move everything out and hose it down. It’s a great opportunity to rid ourselves of some excess. 🙂