Saturday Giveaway: Clutter Rehab

I have TWO copies of today’s book to give away! The book is called Clutter Rehab: 101 Tips and Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Love It!

This book came at a fun time for me.  I’ve already been working on the 40 Bag Challenge (I’m up to 8 10 bags!) and this slim easy-to-read book is just the thing to keep that momentum going.  Broken into short chapters, it covers topics such as toy storage, keepsake storage, and (near and dear to my heart!) budget organizing solutions.

Would you like a copy of this book?  In comments below, describe one small area of your home that you’ve organized in a way that works well for you.  Maybe we can all get some ideas for making our homes more functional.  I’ll be announcing the winners of these books sometime on Monday!


  1. I have no small space that I’ve organized. The reason is that my house is so small! 1000 sq.ft. I really need to win!!!

  2. I’ve been working on organizing our food storage, and that is going well. I had to start from scratch–empty it all out and pitch what was unusable. Now we have an inventory sheet and keep it updated. Hoping we can keep it going because I HATE wasting food!!

  3. We have a couple of bookcases that are full of all kinds of kids’ books. I love it when the kids dig through there looking for something interesting but it makes it hard for them to find something on their reading level when they just need to sit and read. So I bought a few small baskets, one for each child. I collected books on each kid’s reading level so now all they have to do is grab any book from their basket during reading time.

  4. Well, there aren’t many, but one area that I have organized and which really helps us is having magazine holder boxes on the shelf above the washer and dryer, which are in a room just off of the kitchen. We have one holder for each of our 3 children, and when they pull finished school papers out of their backpacks, we jam those papers into the kids’ respective boxes. This is a quick and easy way to keep papers from stacking up on my kitchen counter. Then, we go through the boxes when we’re on break to clean them out. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  5. I love my pantry. Things are pretty much in groups of specific items. But there are other areas where I really need help!

  6. I have just recently organized my boys’ hutch/diaper station. Everything is super accessible and I feel so much better about the change! 🙂

  7. I’m big into everything having its place. We have six kids and they each have plenty of books, toys, clothes and shoes! Our biggest challenge is keeping the shoes under control. We have a lovely entry way from the garage which has 4 cubbies with doors on them. We also have a huge closet that helps with coats, tennis bags, basketball bags and more shoes. Under each cubbie is a drawer that can store about 6 medium shoes! I am constantly organizing those cubbies though. It becomes a dumping ground and will get filled up quickly!
    Another big challenge is the paper trap that happens with school papers, schedules and bills. Right next to the kitchen we have a little mini office with plenty of filing for school papers and bills. I hang current schedules behind closed doors. I am again constantly throwing things away that we don’t need. My calendar is right there where I put down events and keep the paper for scraps for the kids to draw on. I know that all this takes time but it keeps me sane. I always know where an item is located!! Now if I could only get my teenage son to use the key hook by the garage door!!

  8. So, I don’t have any area of my home, perhaps with the possible exception of the cabinet where I store my fine china. Not too helpful in the day-to-day life! Could use this book, because our house is overrun with clutter, and I need some ideas to help tame it!

  9. J. Johnson says:

    I have just reorganized my pantry. For the first time, I’ve left some open spaces in each category for additional items.

  10. We have soon-to-be eight children, our oldest being twelve, and lost shoes could potentially be a big issue for a family with lots of littles! We’ve largely prevented lost shoes by implementing a system that’s easy for the children to maintain; i.e. no shoe racks, and no “lining up” shoes in the closets. Instead, we use bins. Each person in the family has their own shoe bin, labeled with their name, in their bedroom. Additionally, we keep another large basket next to the front door for random shoes that didn’t make their way upstairs yet. It’s easy for a child to put shoes away no matter where they are in the house. Later, if a child can’t find a shoe in their own bin, chances are it’s in the basket by the door.

    Of course, our one-year-old and three-year-old seem to enjoy playing “hide the shoes” occasionally, but otherwise this system works great for us!

  11. I am a relatively new SAHM and am organizing my house, one area at a time! So far, my favorite thing is I converted our Master Suite’s walk in closet to a family closet, so now all our laundry goes to one place (and gets picked up from one place!). One half of the closet has my husband’s and my hanging clothes and our shoes. Behind the door on the floor are 3 laundry baskets: Whites, Darks, and Colors. The other half of the closet has all of my kids’ (4, 2, and 2 months) clothes: Most are hanging, but each child also has 3 drawers for pj’s, socks & underwear, and play clothes. Their shoes are there too, as well as tubs for clothing that they are outgrowing/ growing into.

    I LOVE it because I don’t mind doing laundry, but I hate having to go all over the house to collect what needs to be washed and then to put it away again, especially since everybody ends up in my room/ bathroom to get ready anyway:)

  12. We bought a computer armoire to hold our TV. Because our TV is not large, we didn’t need such a large opening as in most TV/entertainment centers. The rollout shelves for keyboard and printer hold our DVDs and pull out so we can see them. There are small cubbies to hide remotes out of the way. There is even space for our blanket that we spread on the ground for movie night and for my small exercise equipment.

  13. At this present time my desk is organized. It has no storage so I purchsed a numbered file for the days of the month to put bills in and have my current needs in a plastic tote on the floor with file folders labeled in it. I do need help with the filing cabinet which is full. (hence the reason for the new plastic one by the desk) Our oldest son just moved out which opened up an empty room. I need help packing away/getting rid of everything he left and a way to store my knitting/sewing and watercolor/ teaching items to help make the most of the space! (hoping to add another child or two, Lord willing, in the space eventually-waiting on Gods timing)

  14. I have a lot of spices and was always digging through the cabinet for them. I purchased 3 metal CD containers (bottom, sides and the top is open) and placed the spices in there – all I have to do was pull out the container and get my spice. The great part is that they are exactly as long as the cabinet is deep.

  15. I did the forty bag challenge and it allowed me to organize my garage so i can find and access my craft supplies. I am not in the process of building a bookshelf pantry because I have very limited cupboard space in my kitchen. I would love this book to assist me. Thanks for your blog.

  16. It may be a common one, but I found that organizing my closet by color, then by sleeve length, has helped my morning dressing routine go a lot faster. Hope to win the book for future guidance!

  17. My freezer is fanatically organized. I do a LOT of make ahead freezer cooking, and I can fit a ton of things in there if it’s organized properly. When I freeze anything in bags, I freeze it flat on a sheet pan first, then stack upright like books (upright freezer). I’ve acquired several cheap 8×8 pans with covers and they stack beautifully for my casserole storage. I package things like homemade sauces, stocks, etc. in round containers and those are stored in the door – each container holds 4 c., the same as a box of purchased stock (which I never buy). And LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! 🙂

  18. Shannon Williams says:

    I want to be organized so badly, but lack the know how in several areas.

    One area that I do feel like I’m starting to get a handle on is school supplies. We home school and books, papers, and craft supplies can quickly take over a space. After years of trying to keep things separated by child and then by subject for that child,
    (we have 4 kids)I have learned it is much easier to organize based on subject only. Now every material needed for every student in a particular subject is in one bin. Nicely labeled clear rubbermaids for science, math, crafts, language arts, and so on have made finding what we need, when we need it SO much easier.

  19. We have way too many shoes for a family of four. Recently we bought a bench with 3 baskets underneath at World Market (off the floor) for a steal. One basket is for Mom & Dad’s shoes, one basket for the kids’ shoes and the third is for hats, gloves, dog leash, etc. It’s made putting our shoes on and taking them off at the door much easier and even my 12 month old knows where his shoes are.

    I have begun the 40 day challenge and I’m in the mood to purge this clutter!!! BUT, one can never have too many good books. 😉

  20. ok, so no part of my house is super organized…its a work in progress…but, my pantry is pretty good right now. I have rectangle tupperware like containers holding smaller packages likt shake n bake and cocoa packets and different baking items like choc chips and the such. looking forward to seeing ideas from others:)

  21. This is always a great subject to discuss because most of us are swimming in extra possessions that we don’t need, and these possessions clutter our lives, both physically and mentally.

    One area in our lives that we’ve taken huges strides is the books we own. In the past year or two we’ve given away more than two-thirds of our books.

    Isn’t a book far more valuable when it’s in somebody else’s hands than when it’s just sitting on your shelves collecting dust and taking up space?

    Thanks for the provocative questions Mary!

    Casual Kitchen

  22. I’m not sure that any one area of my house is organized enough to boast about. Sure could use a manual….

  23. I think my pantry is the most organized place in our 1667 sq ft apt. I even put labels on the shelves.

  24. i would love this – I really need help with our school room. Baby #5 is on the way, and I need to step up my organization.

  25. Just had baby number 6 and realizing that I need to do a whole house declutter/make-over! I really need this book!

  26. I would say the one area that I am extremely organized with is the recordkeeping area of my house. I have put all the papers, receipts, paid bills, passports, extra checks, etc. into folders (adult children’s copies of birth certificates, social security cards, car registrations, passports, etc. are kept in their own folder and in a separate box than the minors-just in case) and then put the folders into open ended labeled boxes on the bottom shelf of a bookcase (found years ago that I liked sitting at the dining room table doing bills so gave away the desk and had room for another bookcase). I can find anyone’s birth certificate, health record, or tax information, etc. in a minute and there are times when a child calls from overseas or college that I NEED to find in a minute thus the reason for the extreme recordkeeping in this area.
    But to have a book on how to sort and organize food for easier use would be great. Struggle with this part of the house on a daily basis.

  27. My laundry room is the only room in my house that is organized. I have a basket for colors, darks, jeans, underware and towels. I have marked each basket with the color so the kids can sort their own dirty laundry. The younger ones know by the color of the label.
    We are moving to a much bigger house in a couple months. I’m hoping to be more organized there.

  28. We did the family closet also. Made laundry so much easier!

    My newest addition was eight flat file/shelves that fit in the cubby above our desk. I keep my husband’s mail separate from mine, coupons and sale ads in one, homeschool files and work files each have their own spot. All of those things used to be in one pile on top of my desk . . . stressful. : ) The shelves make me much happier than the greenery that was in the cubby before.

  29. My one year old is currently dumping the crayons from the art area I organized two days ago. aaargh! I am relieved to see that other people have shoe issues as well, and appreciate your ideas.

    I do a good job of keeping my calendar organized. I buy a huge one made to go on desktop, color code by each kid or parent (pens are in a magnetic bin on the white board hanging next to the calendar), and try to put everything on it right away. I even write my meal planning right on the dates, usually I stick a post-it on as a plan to make my grocery list as I go.

  30. Well I was recently looking for some pajamas for my 4 yr old and realized he could probably fit in size 5 since his birthday is in May. So I had to dragged out all the many boxes and bins of clothes. What a mess I made trying to find pjs. I ended up finding at least four pairs. Then I got motivated to put the clothes in some system since I have three boys to pass clothes down from the oldest. I went through the clothes in the closets( two boys rooms) and then decided to get rid of some clothes. I had to much and they seem to wear the same things over and over. I then took my bins and labeled them in sizes to put the clothes in. The bins all fit in the big closet and I still have room for their clothes. It looks great and I will be able to find what I need when I need it. I put boxes under the bed for shoes and sorted them according to who could grow into them. Their rooms really don’t have toys in them we have them in the family room so I am able to focus on having beds, clothes and bookcase with books and personal stuff. I am so excited that the clothes all have a home and it is easy to get too.

  31. Before Christmas the kids and I held our annual toy purge. We also reorganized and added labels to the toy baskets. My husband built these fabulous storage shelves that house toys now and can be used for books or other media as the kids get older (if we ever stop having them : ).

    My husband and I also cleaned out our closets recently.

    Two projects down and about 50 to go. I could really use this book!



  32. Organization randomly comes and goes through areas of my house. Currently, my most organized space that I am enjoying is my closet. My husband added a shelf that made that space look so tidy and nice that I keep peeking in there and smiling!

  33. Oh, I need to be on a mission to organize so many areas of my home. I have lots of plans, but the only place I’ve been able to tackle recently is the pantry. Thankfully, I have a nice sized pantry to begin with, but it was out of control. I pulled everything out and got lots of storage bins at our dollar store to keep things separated and corralled. I especially love the stacking bins I got because I can label them on the outside for categories of supplies and know which one I need to grab quickly. I also repurposed various baskets from my house to hole similar supplies to make things look more neat in there.

  34. My kitchen cupboard. I’m teaching myself how to cook healthy meals on a budget but I’m a twenty-something living with a bunch of roommates, so space is very limited. I’ve still managed to keep that small area tidy and efficient.
    I buy my condiments (peanut butter, jam, etc) in glass jars, then save those to store my dry goods.
    There’s an entire shelf devoted to lentils, rice, beans, popcorn, canned goods, and oatmeal. Another shelf holds baking ingredients that I use frequently (flour, sugar, cornmeal, yeast, and honey).
    Then finally on top (a little out of the way, so I don’t go for it every day) I store “quick fix” and snack foods.
    Herbs and spices are communal fare in my house, and they live on a makeshift spice rack (it’s actually a decorative tray hung on it’s side) over the stove.

  35. I so need to get my house organized! The one area I just did which is working out great is my chest freezer in the basement. I can only buy meat a few times a year, so I need to freeze it well. I bought three large plastic bins and labelled one poultry and one beef. I sorted through the meat and put the newer ones in the appropriate containers and stacked them in the freezer. I put all the meat that needed to be used first in the top container. While I was doing this I made a list of all our meat and made an excel spreadsheet listing the meat, including weight and expiration date.
    When the top container gets empty, I go through the bottom containers and put them in the top. I make sure to keep the spreadsheet updated. Now, when I send one of my kids or my husband downstairs to get something–I know where it is and I know they will be able to find it.

  36. I’ve had my eye on this book! We’ve got this amazingly deep hall closet, but the space is kind of hard to manage. This is where we store gift wrap, gift bags and ribbon. My husband installed some large hooks (I think they were meant for hanging ladders), and we hang our gift bags on those. I’ve got a large plastic organizer with several drawers where I store ribbon and tissue paper. This is our “gift wrap station!”

  37. ah, the never ending quest to be organized…a love hate relationship I have with thee…
    My latest organization project was to add a few shelves to the closet in our extra room. For years I have had plastic totes filled with fabric that I’ve purchased over time for different projects. Needless to say, I have quite a collection! However, since everything is just piled in those bins I often found myself buying fabric for a project when I actually had some on hand that I just didn’t know about!
    Adding these extra shelves has allowed me to ditch the bins altogether and stack them on the shelves by color. No more digging through bins! Now, it is soo much easier to just take a peek and see if I have something that will work.

  38. I’ve been organizing my daughter’s very small bedroom to also accommodate her new baby sister. We’ve turned her closet into a cute little nook for the crib by painting its walls and adding a valance across the top. We’ve reorganized all the outgrown clothes storage that used to be in that closet. I’ve thought of you several times along the way as we’ve tried to find creative, inexpensive ways to make the space work.

  39. I am very impressed with the readers who have their office/records and their freezers organized. Those are my tough spots! I am very proud of how I organized my daughter’s diapers. They are all in the bathroom under the sink and out of sight. I have her burp rags and bibs in little baskets on a table in our living room. All easily accessible, but not in the way.

  40. Laurie Griess says:

    I have organized my kids toys by keeping them divided into boxes and often slimming down our piles. I need help with my growing homeschooling supplies and the clothes for the 4 kids.

  41. Kirsten Dehmlow says:

    I have been trying to get organized but this book looks like it would be a great help.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. We use cloth diapers and when my daughter was a newborn, it was a pain to always have them scattered about, so I created a small space on my kitchen counter that was out of the way of cooking areas but made a convenient diaper storage location that was more centralized to the rest of the house. I took a medium sized basket that we received as a wedding present years ago and filled it with the stuffed cloth diapers. Then I took an old Huggies wipes container and filled it with the cloth wipes. Threw in the diaper cream, diaper liners, and sudsy diaper spray and it was a convenient diaper station with handles to go anywhere!

  43. It’s a work in progress. Need this book! 🙂

  44. I’m LOVING reading all the comments for ideas! One thing I was frustrated with this winter was trying to find a place for my older kids to put hats/mittens/scarves. We had hooks on the door of the coat closet for coats, but those kept falling to the floor. I found a 3 drawer plastic oganizer that now sits on the floor in the closet and the older 3 each have a drawer to put those random items (plus lighter jackets) in. I love how its opened up the closet and its right where THEY can reach it. I also have been buying the study plastic shelves (often shown for garages) and those are now in the kids closets. Larger toys and bins of clothes now fit on those and we’re using the closet space much better then before and it was much cheaper then closet organizing systems.

  45. I’ve been on a purging frenzy lately because I’m SO tired of managing stuff! The area we tackled first was our coat, sweatshirt, shoe and hat problem. There seemed to always be messy stacks of things at the front and back door. I had the boys gather all of the coats in the house and bring to the family room — they each chose 1 and we gave away the rest. We went on to sweatshirts, then shoes and then hats. Now each family member has their allotted items with a labeled hook on which to hang it. 2 pairs of shoes for each person are neatly stored in a basket in the front closet. sigh…. order.

  46. I’ve been working on taming clothing. With 4 girls, we want to make sure we get mileage out of hand-me-downs. I finally got a system going in the basement with bins for each size (4T-XS; 5-6; 7-8; etc) Now when the kids need to transfer clothes (or change seasons) we can more easily go to the right bin(s).

  47. I’ve been working on organizing my children’s playroom. Plastic and fabric bins are my best friends!!! Ha ha!!

  48. My bathroom is probably the bestorganised. I use one ofthose rolling carts for toothpastes, soaps, etc.

  49. In my boys’ tiny bedroom, there always seemed to be lots of items that didn’t have a place. I bought one of those door-mounted shoe organizers — the kind with clear plastic pockets. Now, all the miscellaneous things like cub scout neckerchiefs, belts, sunglasses, (even stray baseball cards!) etc. are all off the floor. And because the pockets are clear, they can find things themselves!

  50. I organized where my husband drops his “stuff” when he comes home from work. I set up an area in a kitchen cupboard for his change, keys, sunglasses & any paperwork he needs to keep up with. It’s a small area but saves my counter from becoming the dumping ground:) With a move in our near future, I’d love to win this one!