Spring wreath

The other day I saw this sweet spring wreath made from yarn wrapped around a foam-core wreath, and wanted to give it a shot myself.  This morning I grabbed my kiddos and a heap of crafting supplies and got together with some friends for a visiting/crafting/play day.  I forgot to bring the camera for the visiting, but here’s how my wreath turned out.

The backing for the center flower is three little rounds of a filmy polyester-type fabric that were held over a candle to melt and curl up the edges.  Fun, eh?  It looks adorable next to my kitchen sink and is a nice reminder that spring really will be here soon.


  1. This is great–I’ve been looking for some rainy day activities to do with my son. Seeing as how we’ve got one more SOLID week of rain, I’d better get myself to the yarn store. Great idea! I’ve tumblr’d is, tweeted it…now I’m going to try it.

    • hey there just had a thought if you dont want to or need to go out why not use strips of fabric? all the best
      btw cute make.

  2. That is hideous. Buttons on flowers??

  3. Well, I think it BEE-YOOTIMOUS!
    Job well done, my friend!