Running again!

My shins are feeling better, and I’m easing back into running: about 4 miles a week lately.  So far, so good.  I’m focusing on form per the Chi running book: small quick steps, midfoot landing, ‘peeling’ heels off the ground, keeping loose below the knees.  As long as I do all those things, my shins are good.  Start over-striding and tightening up my lower legs, and I can literally feel my right shin start tweaking again.

I’ve wondered if new shoes might help, and maybe a gait evaluation to make sure I choose good shoes for my needs.  But my current shoes only have about 170 miles on them, so I probably don’t quite need them yet.   Maybe when our tax return comes.

Between running and cardio machines at the rec center, I’m exercising 4-6 days a week. On my running days, I usually walk a mile too. Walking and cardio machines are fine but nothing is better cardio for me than running.  Even with cross training I know I’ve lost some endurance in the last couple months with so little running.  Probably I should push myself more on the elliptical.  But it just doesn’t motivate me as much as the running does.  So I am trying to be wise and careful as I work back into running.

The good news is that any exercise burns calories.  Between that and calorie counting, I’m still losing weight– officially down 15 pounds since last summer, so that feels good.  I’m getting a little faster at running too–  11-min miles are pretty normal now.  Am hoping that in another 6-12 months maybe 10-min miles will be the norm.  But for now I am trying not to overdo either distance or speed.

I’m also trying not to overdo running talk.  I’ve officially bored myself.  So, enough for tonight.


  1. Well… just so ya know… you haven’t bored me! I love hearing about your running and exercise! As a mom of 4 who is trying to lose weight and get fit, it’s encouraging to see that you make time to fit in your exercise. (And I’m sure you have to MAKE time to do it!) Thanks for sharing this aspect of your life as well!

  2. When I was out walking/running this morning, I was thinking of you and wondering how it was going. I don’t run, haven’t run since high school when it was forced in PE, so it’s a major struggle for me. I’m mostly doing a fast walk for 2/3 a mile (17 mph seems to be the fastest my legs can go at a walk), then running 1/3 mile (currently only at 15 mph), then repeating. I’m doing 2-3 miles depending on how much time I have, and trying 3 times a week. I can’t say I’ve reached the part where it’s fun yet, but the 14 pounds I’ve lost in the past two months are definite encouragement to keep going! I don’t think I would have added the running part in if I hadn’t been reading your updates, so please keep posting them. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to reach the point where the whole thing is a run. I’ve really got to find some money for new shoes, though, as these are seriously wearing out.

  3. I’m almost ready to get back to running after my popliteal tear/strain. I’ve kept up the cardio with swimming, adding biking in the last couple of weeks. I was so glad when I noticed that I haven’t even felt any soreness (from the injury) for the last few days. Have put in quite a few hours weeding, too, which includes a lot of “squats.” 🙂 I’ll probably use the program in the book: Run Less, Run Faster. It is similar to the one you’ve used, but has plans for all levels. I will, however, force myself to start as a beginner again, trying to avoid injury.

  4. I ran cross country in high school, and we had shin splint problems too. I am assuming your are running on concrete or other hard surface? If you will do this simple exercise, before you run everyday, you won’t get shin splints. While standing, put your toes together so they are touching, and lift up your heels for about 10 reps. It is a little awkward, so be near something to keep your balance. Then put your heels together and do the same 10 reps. That’s it! It works like a charm.