Giveaway Saturdays

I’ve recently been given quite a few books to review, including multiple copies of several books. Since I don’t want to flood my blog with review posts, I decided that for awhile I’ll make Saturdays giveaway day! This week I’m giving away two things:

1. Pins on a Map: A Family’s Yearlong Journey Around the World This book tells the story of a family with three children who planned a whopper of an international trip, one that took them to 6 continents and 17 countries.  I love seeing different parts of the world and have fantasized about such a trip.  John is voting for a big trip after the kids are grown.  Whether or not ‘big’ travel plans work for us, I very much enjoyed the entertaining insight offered by this book.

2. Story of Your Life I heard Matthew West perform many of the songs on this CD at a concert last week, and pleased to have an extra CD to pass on, hopefully to someone will enjoy it as much as I have mine.

To get a chance to win one of these, just comment below and tell me….hmmm…what shall you tell me???  OK, here’s a question we ask at the dinner table on the weekends sometimes:  tell me something new or interesting happening in your life in the next month or so.

Something interesting in my life?  In a couple weeks my hubby and I are going to a  fancy dinner party with our two oldest boys.  It is put on by our local homeschool group as an alternative to prom.  There will be dinner and pictures and folk dancing.  Should be great fun!

What about you?  What’s something that you’re looking forward to?



  1. New and exciting doesn’t seem to happen here much… My oldest turns 13 the end of the month. I’m praying that having a teenager in our home isn’t too exciting, albeit new!

  2. Boy I would have to win the lottery or something to afford such a trip as the one you mention this family took, but it does sound amazing and what an experience for children especially experiencing other cultures, living in different housing, and trying different types of food in their natural setting.
    To answer your question: Something interesting that is happening this next month is that next week I am taking my ninth child to her first-ever college visit for financial aid and admissions interview. This was the only college she applied to and so far it sounds like she is ‘in’. Because of the limited number of students accepted each year, the interview process is valued very highly as to placement. This is the first time I have had to do the interviews with any of my children because, for the most part, they received a full ride for academics and no interviews were neeeded and/or they were were just accepted with no other processes needed. To say we are a little nervous about this is an understatement! And this will be the first child going to college nearby which the whole family is absolutely thrilled about.
    And in two weeks, my youngest daughter has her yearly hearing test and fitting for new hearing aid molds. She loves having this test done because she is able to pick new colors for her hearing aids, she gets a stuffed animal, and because of the distance is out of school for the day. The last couple of days she has all ready started to talk about what colors she might want for the next several months!
    There are a couple of interesting things going on in our family and while I could write a book including all-won’t.

  3. New and exciting here? Well, for the first time I’ll be gardening with 8 kids 9 and under. That’s new…and exciting…successful has yet to be determined 🙂

    By the way, I absolutely love your books. Your cookbook has earned the mark(s) of honor…grease splattered, tattered, smiley faces on every recipe…thank you for a wonderful collection!

  4. Spring break! So looking forward to spending time with my husband & boys, and beginning gardening with them.

  5. My husband are leaving to Korea next Saturday to see my son and daughter-in-law. From Korea, we are flying to London to visit one of my daughters. I’ve never been out of the country, so this is our world travel. I am more than excited, but a little nervous too.

  6. On the anniversary of our first date (3/18) our family is hosting our first “family day”. We have created our very own holiday to celebrate our awesome family. We have had a rough few years and thought this would be a great way to be celebrate. The kids are helping to make special customs, (a “tree”, presents, special foods, fun activities). They can’t wait! We plan on it being an annual event and hopefully, when the kids are married and struggling with coming home for the holidays, we will always have this day that everyone has to come home for! 🙂

  7. My mom, my sister, and I are going to a women’s conference. I hope the conference is great, but mostly I just want to spend time with them. Can’t wait.

  8. My kids have swim meets over the next few weeks, and then spring sports start (soccer, lacrosse, flag football)! Can you tell sports are a big part of our lives?

  9. Oohh…those both look fantastic!
    Something new or interesting…um…we are more and more enjoying working with Iraqi refugees, and I am learning to make Iraqi coffee!! Does that count?

  10. At the end of March I’m flying to Baton Rouge, LA (from Ohio) to visit a good friend. I’ll also visit a friend in southern Mississippi. Can’t wait!

  11. My family just moved to Kentuckiana (southern Indiana across river from Louisville, KY). We have only ever lived in Colorado so at age of 48 and 45 and with kids ages 21, 20, 15 and 15, we have made a HUGE change!

  12. Our church’s Ladies Retreat is coming up the middle of this month and one of my friends from childhood will be there as our guest musician- she plays the HARP! Beautiful music!

  13. I am really looking forward to the birth of our sixth grandchild in a few more weeks. His Mama has a very big baby belly and big sister is getting quite excited too. Thanks for sharing – the book looks very interesting.

  14. Wendy May says:

    I think all the new and exciting is happening to my oldest dc: he turns 13 in a couple months (actually that is new and exciting for us parents–1st teenager in the house!), and this month will backpack in the Smokies for the first time!

    Just found your blog and hope to buy your books soon! Thanks

  15. Brandie says:

    renovating our new home witht he hopes of bringing our new adopted son home soon

  16. My sister recently found out she is pregnant with her first child and is scheduled to have her few couple of ultrasounds to hear the heartbeat and see if she is carrying more than one baby (since her hCG levels are so high). We are so excited for her!

  17. Kristine says:

    Would love to win!! New and interesting… My daughter is thrilled to have a part in the spring children’s program… one line of 5 whole words 🙂 she is so excited and of course she has it all memorized. We can’t wait!

  18. My husband and I and our toddler moved to Montreal eight months ago. My husband has been working a ton so like has been very new, and hard in some ways, but challenging in a good way in others. This month coming up I am going out for the first girls night out in eight months to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert!! I am so excited to be out with some new friends I made here!

  19. Leaving for a month long trip to Europe next month!!!

  20. I am looking forward to new running shoes, so that I can begin running once again and get into shape before my birthday.

  21. New and interesting … my husband and I are visiting Japan. First time for him to visit the place where I spent 12 years. Definitely exciting!

  22. Oh…we are taking my son (3 1/2) to the circus for the first time! My parents are graciously watching our 1 year old daughter so our son can have a “date” with us. I haven’t been to the circus in 25 years or so, I can’t wait!

  23. New and interesting happened already here at our house. Our seventh child turns two weeks old today! Anything else new and interesting for the next little while will be about him!

  24. Jennifer Cooper says:

    Running my first 10K in less then a month.

  25. Several friends of ours(and my husband) have birthdays in March, so a few years ago they all got together and planned one giant whopper of a birthday bash to celebrate. This year it will be at the end of March and we look forward to it all year long–seriously, because its that much fun. And its enormous, as the birthday people all invite all their friends so its often more than 100 people. There is food, karoake, and hours of laughter. For a lot of us it is also a rare opportunity to be out with ALL our friends but not our kids–its a grownup party. We love it, and since all birthday people share costs and we do a lot ourselves its a super affordable way for our social circle to throw a great party without going bankrupt. We love it!

  26. A couple things I guess… jury duty begins this week, the first meeting I will attend as a board member to a well known mission and winding up an application for a scholarship to be given at two of our area high schools. It should be n interesting week.

  27. crystal questad says:

    Me and my husband leave to appear in court and meet our two little boys for the first time. We leave in 29 days and counting……the boys will make our family 10 all together.

  28. Our eldest (of 8) son graduates and gets married in a few months…to a girl from Hong Kong! This is the first wedding of our children and I am thrilled to graduate to mother-in-law!

    Jill Farris

  29. Amber N. says:

    New, my dd just got new extensions put in today by the sweetest women at our local college who do a hair day for the kids every few months. It is wonderful!

  30. New and exciting…and totally crazy!! #5 and #6 are expected to become our children this coming Friday and home from EE about 3 weeks later. We’ve never brought home two at once and these are our first boys. We expect total chaos for a while. Depending on your family feasts book and all your gardening tips you’ve shared along the way!! 🙂 Blessings, Jennifer

  31. My husband and I are going through the process to be licensed as foster parents. We should be finished in about two months. Honestly, we are not sure what to expect but have faith that this is what God has for us. He will take care of the details.

  32. Oh I think I”m going to be elected president of my son’s school PTA! Very exciting but very scary – lots of new responsibilities coming my way!

  33. Theresa says:

    New and exciting…..Our house renovation will be COMPLETE!!!!!! Carpet should go in this week and then just move everything back in. Hopefully the weather cooperates. 🙂

  34. Barbara says:

    I guess that my life is not as exciting as the people who left the previous comments. I pray that we’ll make it through the next month without any of our five vehicles needing repairs. The good news is that spring is almost here and I will soon plant our spring crop of lettuce! And just in time…have you seen the price of lettuce lately at the grocery store?

  35. Jennifer says:

    Thankfully life has settled down for us now after three major relocations in as many years. Therefore, about the most “exciting” thing happening for me in the next month is I’m leading my first women’s Bible study group at my new church as well as joining the music ministry team playing the piano. They may seem like little things compared to some of the big stuff happening above, but re-making Perth, Western Australia our home hasn’t been easy, even though this is home base, and getting involved and taking leadership positions in a new church are huge for me.

  36. Jenna Shelton says:

    We are adding on to our very small house as soon as the snow melts!! So excited to have some more room!!!!

  37. New – we just found out we are expecting a baby due in October!

  38. Our homeschool group has organized a purity ball… looking forward to all the fun leading up to it and so is my oldest daughter. Such a sweet time in her life. I am so proud of her!

  39. Well this is a big one, our daughter should be coming home from Korea (we’re adopting her and will go and get her) by the end of this month!

  40. Carrie Tucker says:

    Well, we just finished our training to be foster parents today! Our home should be opened in about a month… Big and exciting changes. LOVE the blog.

  41. Would love that book about the family trip! That is something we’ve talked about doing for sure! We would like someday to take our children to China to see where our 3rd daughter was born…and lived for the first 9 mos of her life. Then we would travel on to New Zealand where my sister and her family lives! Haven’t seen her in 15 years!

    Something I’m looking forward to? Moving cross country in the next few months. 🙂

  42. Shannon Clubb says:

    We are a traveling family….meaning we have taken lots of trips as a family and also dream about a big round-the-world journey as a family too. Right now we have an almost 5 yr old, almost 4 yr old, just turned 2 yr old, and a baby boy set to be born (Lord willing) in July. The kids love traveling – so regardless of the outcome of this giveaway – I am so excited to check out the Pins on the Map link and order a copy myself!

    As for new and exciting…we just moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado in January. And, so currently, everything is still new and exciting…new places to visit, see, explore, find….right now it still feels like an extended vacation!

  43. I’m excited for my teen daughter–she has been preparing with a group of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish teens for Illinois Muslim Action Day. They go to our state capital this week.

  44. I love memoirs and especially those about travel. I’ve lived in several countries around the world and come from/have a big family.

    Interesting things this week: Took in a new orphan baby, and got a kitten.

  45. Pins on a Map looks interesting. I read a similar book years ago about another family that took a year long trip around the world with 2 children. We’d have to have a small fortune to take a year long trip around the globe with our crew! LOL!

    hmm. . . this month coming up. . . focusing on connecting more than correcting. well, I think that one thing will be more than enough for me this month!

    Hope you are well!

  46. I love to read and travel and the book sounds like something I’d really enjoy. I’ve been to 18 countries before I had my baby boy, I really want him to love travel as much as I do!

    Something new and exciting next month: My parents are coming to visit next month and it will be the first time my dad has seen/met my son who was born in October!

  47. Let’s see….right now that would be waiting to see if we can help our daughter get strong enough to learn to walk. She’s 4 and has spina bifida and is starting to make enough improvement that she’s learned to stand up independently and walk with a walker in the past week. Who knows what she’ll do in the next month?

  48. We’re starting our first big garden! I’ve had a little container garden and ended up harvesting three or four pea pods but this year we are going all out with raised beds and 7 different types of veggies. I’m excited!

  49. Taking a very long car-trip with 4 littles for a family wedding!

  50. In the next 2 weeks we are moving our family of 6 to a new town. Exciting and a little overwhelming:) This book sounds really cool!