Be still my heart

Am I odd to think this challenge delightful?  I love, love, love ‘finding’ space by getting rid of stuff I haven’t been using anyway.  Inspired by her post, my 12yo son and I began (baby steps!) by cleaning out two junk drawers.  Next I am going to plow through the chaos in my linen closet.  I definitely won’t find 40 bags of stuff, but every bit of found space is more breathing room and less mess!


  1. I’m with you 110% Mary! I have always joked that I should have been a Shaker (you know, they were those delightful minimalists who hung their ladderback chairs from the ceiling!). Love it! So how did I end up as an American homemaker with eight children….? American plus large family equals STUFF!! No matter how hard I battle it!


  2. I want to know she could get a garbage bag full of stuff from her “Makeup area.” lol… That’s assuming she’s using a standard garbage bag…who knows she could be using ziplocks and you could do it too! 😉

  3. Lisa Beth W. says:

    40 bags?? I want to know what size bags she is talking about! I really don’t think I could find 40 bags of things to get ride of, but I surely am looking forward to doing a good clearing out of stuff this spring!

  4. Giddy right there with you… We are kindred spirits, for sure! I’m in!

  5. Love it. My husband and daughter just came back home from a mission trip in Guatemala. He was encouraging us as a family to consume less and rid ourselves of stuff so we could focus more on God. This was great to read and reaffirms what I was going to do. We usually have one big garage sale in the summer to make some money for school stuff. So I am going to go for the 40 days/40 bags to put in the garage for the sale. Unless I need to just throw it out. Thanks!

  6. I don’t think you are odd at all. I love reading about other people un-cluttering their homes. I am a rarity in that I love to clean and organize everything. It just makes me feel so much more comfortable and at peace. I actually use this idea everyday with what I call my “Everyday Cleaning Concept.” Please let us know how your un-cluttering ventures go!

  7. If my husband would let me in the garage I could DEFINITELY come up with 40 bags. I LOVE decluttering!

  8. Oh I am totally all over this. I saw a post about this last year on a different blog I follow. This year I am doing it. I can’t stand the clutter we have in this house. Sometimes I put things aside thinking I will sell them on-line but then I never do and they just keep cluttering up the house. So this spring, I am really going to get rid of everything I haven’t used in the last year. 🙂 Yeah! I feel freer just thinking about it.

  9. I think I might need to skip the bags, and go straight to the dumpster method! Either way, I’m giddy thinking about spring cleaning and de-cluttering!!

  10. We’re getting ready to move temporarily to San Antonio, and my husband’s company is moving us (as in, they come in and pack it all). So in an effort not to have “everything” (y’know, boxes we haven’t opened in the four years we’ve lived here) moved, we have been decluttering like crazy. I’ve given, sold, lent out 6 boxes of books, gone at least twice weekly to the thrift stores and women’s shelter with multiple boxes of books, and I have recycled papers like crazy. And still we have stuff. I just listed about 20 things on Craigslist (big items), and I am thinking my boys are worried the toys are next! (Actually, the toys have already been sorted and given to the women and children’s shelter, but as long as the Lego are safe, we’re all good!). Of course, my 18 boxes of books that are left are off-limits to any more culling!

  11. Another option for donations is if you have a seminary close-by. They often have a ‘sharing shop’ – where students can come and get what they need (for free or for very little – depends on the seminary). I love giving to our local seminary, as I know that the students often also have families and are starting out without a lot of money, but are aspiring to do great things for His kingdom!!

  12. I did this last year. My thinking was the same… no way I could come up with FORTY bags! I considered a bag as anything from a grocery bag to garbage bag and even a large box. I got rid of almost 50 bags. It was such a blessing. I highly encourage anyone thinking about this to DO IT! And shoot for 40. It is amazing what you will find. Also, in my case, pacing myself and really trying to find something every day helped me keep focusing on how the stuff affects my life, and if that is where I want my focus.
    Good Luck!

  13. Why wait for 40 bags?? If you are decluttering on a regular basis–there is no reason any person needs to have this much stuff they don’t need.
    At least once every three months, we go through the entire house in a day with the rule being that if you haven’t used it three times, out–out–out. I absolutely Hate clutter to the max. The only thing we do have lots of are books and board games.
    But my biggest non-clutter tip is: DON’T BRING IT INTO THE HOUSE UNLESS YOU NEED IT.

  14. Yes, decluttering is liberating! Love Jennifer’s “everyday cleaning concept.” It’s the perfect solution for those of us who can always find a reason to avoid dealing with 40 bags of stuff! Happy spring cleaning everyone!
    Maureen for Ecover

  15. We just moved into a new house and while it is certainly a pain in the rear to pack up every single item in your home, it DOES provide a great chance to get rid of things you just don’t want/need anymore. Ahhh, it does feel good to start with a clean slate again. I’ll remember this challenge for Lent next year!! I’m sure we’ll need to go through things again in a year’s time!! 🙂