5 recipes I want to try….

…and one that I did.

(Note to anyone bored with recipe links:  this type of post happens when recipe tabs have lined my tool bar for days and I just want to put them someplace safe so I won’t forget them!)

{Serious Eats} Make-your-own Crème Fraîche — Confession, I have gotten this far in life without ever once buying crème fraîche but if I happen to get a craving for it, this recipe allows me to make it myself– much more affordable, right?

{Cook’s Country} Batter-fried Chicken — I saw this one on PBS this weekend and am trying to decide if I really want to use the quart or more of oil this recipe is bound to take.  Maybe for a special occasion, just once.

{GoodLifeEats} Easy Dessert Crepes— We make something similar for breakfast with powdered sugar and butter.  I’m itching to try these with ricotta cheese!

{Ezra Pound Cake} Lentil Shepherd’s Pie — This looks both yummy and extremely affordable.

{Casual Kitchen} Sweet Potato Soup with Chipotle — another in the yummy/affordable category.   Could even use crème fraîche (above) instead of the sour cream!

And the recipe I did make?  Papa Duquesas (Chilean Potato Puffs)— I posted the recipe and photos at myrecipes.com.  Enjoy!



  1. Yum! Those Chile Papas Duquesas sound delicious!!

  2. I didn’t look at the fried chicken link but … IMO homemade fried chicken is WELL worth the quart of oil as a special treat now and then. My mom has been making it since I was a kid and now I make for my family. We only do once or twice a year, but it’s SO good!

  3. Funny, I saw the {Cook’s Country} Batter-fried Chicken on TV as well. They ooh and mmmmmmmm about the food so much it was bugging me to want to make the recipes, I think especially the potato wedges. 🙂