Twirling in a sunny square of  morning light with a black kitty in her arms, my little girl looks up at her daddy with a smile.  “Daddy, did you know that Nomi shines in the light?”

I smile and vow to see more myself this day:

  •  New month, with spring three short weeks away.
  • Kids gathered around a big griddle cooking their breakfast eggs.
  • Hot coffee in my mug.
  • Grammar lesson planned for after breakfast.  (It is a mystery how I came to enjoy teaching grammar, but I truly do.)
  • Kids beginning to smile again after a bout with the flu last weekend.
  • Plans to go watch HGTV do cardio and weights at the rec center later today.
  • Plans to try some Chilean recipes from the cookbook my daughter gave me.

Life is good.


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  1. Life is good! There are so many moments when I look at my children and it just reminds me to look closer at the obvious things around me that make life so beautiful. My son has an amazing ability to see the tiniest details in everything and it just astounds me. He will always point out the tail of an airplane or a tiny bird in a tree so far away. Children are so blessed in their innocence. They can easily see the finer things in life.

  2. Shining in the light! May we all be found guilty of such illumination!!!

    Thanks for checking in with me and for your prayers. I’ve felt them everyone.