Heard of Raisels?

The kids were delighted the other day when we got a box containing 4 different flavors of a new snack to try.  They’re called Raisels, and basically they are golden raisins that have been flavored to taste like sour candy. Flavors include sour apple, lemon, sour orange and sour peach.  They contain no artificial sweetening, and one 1.25 ounce box contains 100% of the US RDA of Vitamin C.

We don’t buy much that is individual serving-sized at our house, so that was the first thing that pleased the kids about this treat.  They also enjoyed the various flavors, which kind of reminded me of sour gummy worms.  I didn’t especially love them–I’m not a fan of sour treats.  And I have a bit of mental resistance to the idea that raisins need anything done to them to get kids to eat them.  But I could see how a mom struggling to get fruit into her kids might find these a good option when packing a school lunch, or when providing snacks for the soccer team. Who knows?  I may even buy them sometime as treats in the car on vacation.  It would definitely please my kids!


  1. These definitely sound interesting! My children actually love plain raisins but I may try these just as a treat. Another yummy, individual serving-sized, fruit treat that we enjoy are Kettle Valley Fruit Bars (http://www.kettlevalley.net/realfruit.htm). I love them because they are 100% real fruit and they aren’t too sweet. We don’t get them often because of the price, but they are great for on-the-go healthy snacks. You might like them a little better since they aren’t sour (except the sour apple).

  2. Unless it is in oatmeal cookies or cooked into a curry, I personally don’t care for raisins. I like a lot of fruits, but not the raisins. I do enjoy sour gummy worms, though, so I’m very interested in these. Thanks for sharing.