The concert that didn’t get away

I heard about the Story of Your Life concert in January and immediately knew I wanted to go. I’ve enjoyed Matthew West for quite awhile, and my teens and I have been impressed with every song that we’ve heard from the up-and-coming Josh Wilson.  It’d be a great concert, and at $5 a ticket was actually affordable, even for my family.

I wrote the date of the concert on my calendar and decided to get tickets for the whole family.  Except when I went to buy tickets they were already sold out. Boy, was I disappointed. Still, I left the concert on my calendar…and in my mind.  I figured there was no chance to go now, but I still wanted to.

Yesterday morning a facebook friend posted that she was giving away two tickets to the concert.  Ummm…really?   I commented as fast as my fingers could type, then messaged her privately, sure I’d hear that she’d already given them away.

She emailed me a few minutes later.  They were mine.  Wow.   Maybe I really was meant to go after all.

Except now I had another dilemma:  what to do with two tickets in a family as big as mine.  Two kids happened to be in the room when I found out I got the tickets.   One said he didn’t really want to go, and the other immediately asked to come along.  A kid who’d been struggling greatly with attitude that last few days, and who I had just been wondering how to encourage.  I made a gut decision, and decided to bring that kid.

I was bummed knowing that other kids would be disappointed, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that this had somehow been ordained for a reason.  If God had wanted us all to go, there would’ve still been tickets left when I went to buy them.  Concerts held in churches don’t tend to sell out that fast in Nampa.  Maybe that child and I were the ones who were meant to go to that concert all along.

We went.  It was wonderful.  Josh Wilson and his guitar and his message and his humor, and the song he wrote for his wife (Always Only You) were a delight.   And Matthew West exceeded all my expectations with a powerful message centered on stories of broken lives stitched lovingly back together by God. I especially love this song.

The evening was a true blessing, a time of renewal and encouragement both for my child and for me.  If The Story of Your Life is headed to your area, I hope you can get tickets and hear the message yourself!  And stay tuned here. While I was in line buying CD’s of both artists for my family, I got an extra of each CD to give away here on my blog.  I’ll be giving away the first of those CD’s on Saturday!


  1. Josh Wilson performed last summer at a small church here in Maine, and my husband and I were able to go. What a fun night! He is a great performer. I’m sure Matthew West would be awesome too. Glad you had fun, and that you could spend some one on one time with your child.

  2. Matthew Kelly is in the Boise area next month – not a concert – but would be a good speaker to see. I’ve been thinking about finding a friend or two and going down.

  3. My husband gave me the Matthew West CD for Valentines day! LOVE!!!
    So good that you had a date night with one of your children.