Giveaway: I Have A Song

I’ve got a copy of a new CD to give away today!   It is “I Have A  Song” by Shannon Wexelberg.  Shannon is a singer, song-writer, and an adoptive mom.  Her CD is a combination of songs she wrote herself and classic hymns sung with fresh interpretation.  The music is mellow, relaxing, and uplifting, perfect for school time when I just want some music in the background.   I love my CD and I am so pleased to be giving one away this weekend. I’ll do the drawing on Monday evening, so if you’d like a chance to win, comment below and tell me a favorite hymn of yours!


  1. My favorite? Amazing Grace!

    gingeroo616 at aol dot com

  2. I have to agree with Stacy, Amazing Grace is my favorite hymn. I chose it for my grandmother’s funeral. I can still hear her singing it while she played her piano. It’s a special memory for me.

  3. My favorite is Love Lifted Me. This has been my favorite hymn since I was sooo little. I remember sitting on my Grandmama’s kitchen table as she stood in front of the window with the sun shining all around, and she taught me this hymn. It was #212 in our old baptist hymnal. When nothing else could help, Love lifted me!!

  4. Mary I love this giveaway! My favorite Hymn (which was played as I walked down the aisle) is “Come Thou Fount”. Favorite line “Jesus sought me when a stranger wandering from the fold of God, he to rescue me from danger interposed his precious blood” 🙂

  5. “oh, How I love Jesus!” all of my kids can sing. Every night when they were little I would sing it to them as I rocked them to sleep. Still sing it to my 4 year old on nights I rock him to sleep.

  6. “My Jesus I love Thee” is definitely one of my favorites.

  7. Do I just have to choose one? Make Me a Captive Lord, Great Is Thy Faithfulness… I could go on and on. Many don’t know the song “I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry” but it’s beautiful!

    • that hymn about the Borning Cry was sung at the funeral of my neighbor. I could tell that the musicians were quite accomplished with it.
      I didn’t know her real well, just enough to wave Hi as she drove by, or chitchat in the yard while the power company workers did their job after a storm.
      She died in a tragic car accident, and her Lutheran church had no empty seats for the service.
      The song is quite lovely. The minister announced it had been a request of the daughter-in-law, but now I have a fine memory also.

  8. My favorite hymn is Amazing Grace. He wrote it during a very difficult time in his life.

  9. My favorite hymn is” It is Well With My Soul”. It reminds me that God is in control and even when everything in my world seems crazy I can find peace with Him.

  10. i have a lot of “favorites” but Be Thou My Vision always ranks near the top! 🙂

  11. One of my favorites is “And Can It Be”.
    I continue to appreciate your blog! Blessings.

  12. Top of my list is “‘Tis So Sweet” and “Blessed Assurance”! It’s nice how the contemporary Christian artists are including remakes of the old familiar hymns on their worship albums.

  13. Be Thou My Vision!

  14. How Great Thou Art!

  15. “When I Survey The Wondrous Cross” – has me in tears every time. I’m just constantly amazed at how much He loved *me*, as unworthy as I am!!

  16. “My Jesus I Love Thee” is one of my favorites because it was played at my wedding, by my brother and his wife.

  17. It Is Well is a favorite and my husband and I recently sang a new contemporary version of it at my mom’s funeral.

  18. Be Thou My Vision and Come Thou Fount!

  19. “As a Deer” is a favorite of mine, but not often sung. There is a lot of “mondern hymns” that I love too.

  20. I love Amazing Grace. I went and checked out the CD – I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  21. The Old Rugged Cross was played at my grandpa’s funeral in the woods of Tennessee when I was a little girl. It has the same power for me every time I hear it.

  22. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

    Particularly this phrase:
    Let Thy goodness, like a fetter,
    Bind my wandering heart to Thee.

  23. For the Beauty of the Earth!

  24. I love Amazing Grace!

  25. We Are an Offering

  26. “How Great Thou Art” followed closely by “It Is Well With My Soul” –

  27. Kristen in MO says:

    It is Well With My Soul

  28. Faith of Our Fathers is one of my favorites.

  29. Sooooo hard to choose! Hmmm… I’ll go with Great is Thy Faithfulness .

  30. How Great Thou Art

  31. Be Thou My Vision. Thanks!!

  32. I still remember my grandmom humming and singing Amazing Grace as she cleaned, performed farm chores or cooked. It is my favorite and brings me back to time spent with her when I hear it.

  33. Amazing Grace is my all time favorite. Followed closely by How Great Thou Art. 🙂

  34. multi-taskingmom says:

    Here I am, Lord

    1. I, the Lord of sea and sky,
    I have heard my people cry.
    All who dwell in dark and sin
    My hand will save.
    I who made the stars of night,
    I will make their darkness bright.
    Who will bear my light to them?
    Whom shall I send?
    Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
    I have heard You calling in the night.
    I will go, Lord, if You lead me.
    I will hold your people in my heart.

    2. I, the Lord of snow and rain,
    I have borne my people’s pain.
    I have wept for love of them.
    They turn away.
    I will break their hearts of stone,
    Give them hearts for love alone.
    I will speak my Word to them.
    Whom shall I send?

    3. I the Lord of wind and flame,
    I will tend the poor and lame.
    I will set a feast for them.
    My hand will save.
    Finest bread I will provide
    Till their hearts be satisfied.
    I will give my life to them.
    Whom shall I send?
    Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
    I have heard You calling in the night.
    I will go, Lord, if You lead me.
    I will hold your people in my heart.

  35. How Great Thou Art
    I Come To The Garden Alone
    The Old Rugged Cross
    Blessed Assurance
    Amazing Grace

    So many to choose from, I love the old hymns

  36. Christin Harrison says:

    So hard to choose just one…
    I Have Decided to Follow Jesus and Just as I Am take me back to my childhood years but there are so many new arrangements of old hymns that our church now sings that I just love!

  37. How Great Thou Art!

  38. Love How Great thou art…and must add Great is thy faithfulness…wonderful to sing those on a Sunday Morning. I am going to visit Sodo in a couple of weeks if you want me to bring anything. 🙂

  39. How Great Thou Art is my favorite, but I also love It Is Well.

  40. I have too many to choose! I love “Come Thy Fount” “Victory in Jesus!” and I just found out Casting Crowns has a new version of “I’ll Fly Away” that I love!

  41. pam mckenney says:

    I have many favorites also but would have to say Amazing Grace always stands out Thanks for the opportunity.

  42. It is well with my soul, beautiful song! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Recently, the words of What a Friend We Have in Jesus have been sweet to my soul. He is my Friend who sticks closer than a brother.

  44. I have so many favorite hymns, but we sang one in church today: “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”

  45. How do you pick a favorite? I need Thee every hour. Have Thine own way. Tonight at church we sang Whiter than Snow, I hadn’t sang that song for so many years that it seemed new. What wonderful words of longing to be his.

  46. Amazing Grace has always been number 1 for me.

  47. Rachel Fisher says:

    My favourite hymn is “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”!!! The words are such a great reminder of what Jesus has done for us; AND I love playing this song on the piano!!!! Great bass line, and such fun to work on keeping up the pace!

  48. Heidi harlow says:

    I love hymns, so picking a favorite is quite tough, but I must say that “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” might just be my top pick.

  49. I can never remember names of movies or songs and that obviously extends to hymns – when I hear one or sing one in church, I love it but the names always escape me…so my favorite is In the Garden but I’m sure I’ve got the wrong name. I also love hearing This Little Light of Mine with all the kids singing.

  50. What a hard question!!- Today I will go with Great is thy Faithfulness.