My girl in Chile

I had to show you a picture of some of the cupcakes that our sweet Erika had delivered to us for Valentine’s Day. She is studying in Chile this semester.  In the midst of paper-writing and sight-seeing, she still managed to think of us for Valentine’s Day!  We thought of her too.   Only problem is, we didn’t get the package sent til a few days before Valentine’s Day.  She’ll have her valentines from us sometime in March, I’m guessing.

And here’s a picture of her at the beach in Chile.  She’s having fun and I’m sure learning lots more Spanish, with all the papers she’s having to write.  We miss her, but we’re glad she’s enjoying her adventure.


  1. How sweet of her! The scenery behind her in the photograph is just stunning. The water is looks so blue! She is certainly blessed to have the experience of studying there for the semester.

  2. She looks like her MAMA!!!!

  3. What beautiful scenery and I agree, she looks just like you!!!

  4. That was so sweet of her! I am glad that she is enjoying her time in Chile.

  5. They’re so cute! 🙂

  6. I guess you don’t need another comment that says you look alike.
    BUT YOU DO!! Ah that smile!