Etsy adorable: my new camera strap cover

Awhile back a friend named Krystal mentioned that she makes camera straps and asked if she could make one for me. She sent me this most adorable creation, and I have really enjoyed it. If you’d like to check out what else she has made, visit KrystalAnne Creations.  Here’s a strap cover very similar to mine. Love it!

Side note:  think it’s hard to get a self portrait in a mirror?  Try taking a picture of a camera strap that you’ve already attached to the camera!

Side note #2:  Think the guys in my life will ever borrow my camera again?


  1. I love the lighting in this picture. Your hair is just beautiful!

  2. SUPER cute!

  3. Ya, my husband doesn’t like to touch mine while we are in public! And forget him wearing it, even for a minute.=)