Yesterday everything rubbed me wrong.  The eggs that were gathered in the morning but left on the kitchen counter til dinner. The boots in a heap on the garage floor.  The kids sparring in fierce undertones as they work together in the kitchen. (Do they really think I don’t HEAR?)

All of it cried out for my supervision, my repeating the same worn rules once again —  ground I’ve covered so many times that I wanted to scream just hearing the tattered sentences coming out of my mouth again.

“The eggs go into the fridge.”

“Put away your boots.”

“Be kind to your sister.”

And yesterday me bone weary, just wishing things would happen right because it’s the right thing to do.  Because kids love their momma, and don’t want to afflict her so.

By the end of the day I was wallowing in ‘sorry-for-myself’, and sick of the sound of my voice.  A kid or two ended up in bed half an hour early, partly earned but maybe also suffering from the weight of everyone’s offenses all day.  And mom’s mood.

This morning — awake wearily at 5 AM — I backed the van out of the garage to drive my son to driver’s ed.  As the headlights of the van lit the pre-dawn world, there was the glitter of diamonds everywhere.  Our lawn, the fence-posts, the trees, even the tumbleweeds on the sides of the road were covered in frost like I’ve never seen in my life.  Every common thing glittering with ornamentation that only God could make so perfect.

Weeds covered in beauty.  Mercies new every morning.

A new day for me too.  New chance to choose a mood that reflects truth.   To see squabbling siblings as opportunity to work on relationships.  Food on the counter as a reminder of the bounty here. Messy boots as evidence that precious people reside here.

God is able to make the mundane beautiful.

Even in my life.


  1. Ah, you have NO idea – – but I SO needed this today!! Thank you for sharing. Glad you were able to see the beauty in it all! =-D

  2. Thank you so much for that post. I really needed that, we have had a really rough couple of days with freezing temperatures and no water do to frozen pipes. I was really getting down with following kids to the potty to pour in water in order to flush etc. but at least we have a house with pipes to freeze and I’m blessed with my children who I am following to the potty! Thanks for the reminder – God Bless

  3. Thank God for all the do-overs. And the glimpses of beauty to remind us of His amazing power and love.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve had many days like you described lately, and I only have two children. Sometimes it’s hard to keep things in perspective. Your post also made me think about Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Signs of Life.”

  5. I love your fresh and honest posts. It’s amazing how a new day filled with the beauty of nature can redirect our sights.

  6. Beautiful reminder, Mary. 🙂

  7. Well, hello! It has been AGES and AGES since I have visited your land of blogging. I was once faithful and LOVED your writings but I started teaching full time again so the land of blogging got put on the back burner. THanks for your words. I am glad to be back!

  8. Thanks for not only the always-needed reminder, but for the photo to reinforce it. That is truly gorgeous frost!

  9. Thank you for sharing about your challenging days, and not just posting about everything going well!

  10. Every common thing can become beautiful with God. 🙂

    That’s good for me to remember. 🙂

  11. Dont you just love the subtle way God makes you sit up and pay attention.
    Blessings to all

  12. oh, thank you SO much for sharing this!! I really needed it!

  13. Oh, I hear you. I must have said, “Please speak kindly” over a billion times by now, and I’ve only been a mom for 11 years!

  14. Thank you, Mary! For your words and your honesty.

  15. Very good point, and like many others said…something I needed to read and be reminded of. Thank you Lord for what we need, when we need it!! Blessings to you my friend!!

  16. What a great reminder to us all that we are alive to enjoy whatever nature is giving us this winter. And boy what a winter it has been and will be for a while yet. Everything from snow, sleet, wind, rain, ice dams, frozen pipes, stuck cars, closed highways, closed schools, and fewer people out walking. One has to enjoy all the many different faces of nature we see every day. Today woke up to a beautiful fog hanging over the whole town. It was stunning in its beauty.
    As you were relating your ‘put away your boots, etc’; I was put into remembering mode of when my children were smaller and would come running in the house and into the kitchen. My hand would go up to stop them and ask, ‘Is there blood anywhere, and if not try to settle yourselves before I referee’; this saved tons of headaches for me and taught my children diplomacy and cooperation.
    Over the years the greatest tip I was ever given by an older mother was to not worry about the small stuff- know your battles and only engage in them. My children are now grown for the most part and when asked how I did it I generally reply, “With a lot of praying and patience.” None of my children are criminals, aren’t violent, attend church, hold down jobs, and are respected adults in the communities they live in. Not sweating the small stuff is a tried and true piece of advice for all.

  17. Amen – I am barely bearing up with unseasonable, unreasonable cold weather – but I had diamonds yesterday AND today – wonderful meltable glistening reminders – life is precious and there will be a day when the house is quiet – too quiet. So I’ll bundle up and take pictures of my diamonds and maybe your household will sound like a more joyful noise today!

  18. Oh how I needed this! We have been stuck in the house for five days now due to the 16 inches of snow and zero degree temps (we are in Oklahoma) and everyone, including me, is stir crazy. We go outside for a brief time each day to romp in the snow, but that’s it. It’s just us and four walls. The squabbles are getting on my nerves. The fighting over perceived but not real slights is frustrating. My voice is hoarse from constantly saying, “Remember, we are a generous family. Please share with your sister.” Or “Is that obedience or disobedience?” Or “Are you showing Christ’s love when you hit your brother?”

    I didn’t get any diamonds this morning outside, but I have a husband who is a diamond and is taking me over to my cousin’s for the afternoon so I can get some time away from the kids. He’s a keeper!

  19. Sue from Buffalo says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone in this. It’s hard to be Christ-like when we’re worn down and vulnerable. I’m going to ask God to help me see the “diamonds.”

  20. I SO needed to read this, Mary. Thank you! God’s mercies are definitely new every morning, and His Faithfulness is never ending. Now, if I can only remember that when I’m frustrated and weary…!

  21. This is just beautiful, thank you so much for writing. It is comforting to know that I am not alone. Last night I felt the same way, bone tired, headache from listening to squabbling all day, feeling defeated over the sink full of dishes and bathrooms that needed scrubbing. After a good night sleep I woke up refreshed and ready to enjoy all my kids and be productive. Reading this was such a blessing.

  22. This definitely brought a little froggy in my throat as I fought back a couple of tears reading it. You hit a string in my heart in this post. Your statments: “To see squabbling siblings as opportunity to work on relationships. Food on the counter as a reminder of the bounty here. Messy boots as evidence that precious people reside here.” are the most amazing reminder. Your words are so inspirational. This post just makes me want to be a better mother every day. It reminded me so much of the beauty in my life. Thank you and God bless you!!

    • multi-taskingmom says:

      Know just how you feel some days. By the way – it’s ok not to put the eggs in the fridge right away – unless it’s beastly hot weather.


  23. A truly beautiful post Mary….thank you for sharing it and reminding up all….His mercies are new every morning!


  24. Found your blog via BooMama’s link and started clicking around. I so needed this post last Wednesday – it will be a good reminder to me as we make our way through a hectic week this week, too. Thanks!

  25. I love this Mary and needed it today. I get so tired of books on the floor but I need to be thankful for the little fingers that turn their pages. 🙂

  26. Beautifully said! I often find myself depressed and aggravated by the messes that are being made around me, or the fighting my kids are doing, etc. It’s so hard to find the good when it feels like life keep throwing us curves. Next time I’m feeling overwhelmed I’m going to try to see God’s beauty and pray that I find strength through him to remember how fortunate my life really is, thanks for sharing this!

  27. So beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing. This really spoke to my heart.