Book Review: Made to Crave

Made To Crave KINDLE GiveawayRecently I was sent a review copy of Lysa TerKeurst’s book Made to Crave. Lysa writes about her struggle with weight, and how she ended up losing 25 pounds.  Instead of focusing on a specific diet plan, she talks about the cravings that make weight loss challenging, and shares her faith-struggle as she incorporated exercise into her life and gradually began to replace her food-focus with a clearer God-focus.

Some of what she wrote has mirrored my recent journey toward fitness.  She described how it was hard at first even to run between two mail boxes, a lot like the telephone poles I’ve struggled with as  a new runner.  Lysa talked about the foolishness of defining ourselves by the numbers on a scale.  (For a similar message from a different angle, check out this Casual Kitchen post about scales.)  Instead of that laser-beam focus on the scale, Lysa suggests a prayerful focus on obedience in each ‘next choice’ as it comes along, whether it be food-related or exercise-related.   I liked her point about body size not being a key to happiness in life.   Food can’t fill soul-emptiness, and neither can skinny jeans.

Overall the book didn’t contain breakthrough messages for me– maybe because I have already processed some of this stuff in my own journey.  But the book’s focus on getting to the heart of your own food issues is a valid one.  I found the book to be interesting and encouraging, especially regarding keeping the right focus in my life.


In honor of her book’s release, Lysa is giving away a KINDLE  on February 8th.   Details here!


  1. OHHHH I so SO hear what you and Lysa are saying I have recently decided to get fitter and was doing well untill a very nast virus layed me low for 6 weeks and consiquently my efforts became unraveld I will be takeing your comment on “body size not being a key to happiness in life. Food can’t fill soul-emptiness, and neither can skinny jeans.”
    an popping on my fridge door and at teh gym I go to.
    wonderful post

  2. Gwen Shamblin’s “Weigh Down Workshop” has much the same message, and I have appreciated it many times over the years. NOT that I’ve been great about sticking to it, but it always works when I follow the plan – – don’t try to fill a God-sized hole with food!! [:-)

  3. Love this mindset… As long as we don’t forsake a healthy (healthy and not our ideal) body size in the name of “well, that’s not what life is all about”. I have heard too many people use this as a cop out when it self-control gets tough. I think it’s all about balance. Doing the very best we can with what we are given. That would include taking care of the bodies we are given so that we can use them to serve God. And not stressing over the fact that certain body parts don’t look like they used to. Sometimes this should include using a scale and setting a goal. And sometimes this includes letting go of a number.