Sunny with a high of 55

I had a great run today– 1.6 miles on a gorgeous spring-like day. My shins are feeling good and I am getting a little faster. Kept a 12 min/mile pace overall and that included a bit of walking at the start to warm up.

I’m going to keep my runs fairly short for the rest of the winter, two miles or less, maybe 3 days a week. I’ll keep up the cross-training too. I’ve been lifting weights and biking 9-10 miles once a week at the rec center. I’m also going to try to get in one workout a week with the 30 Day Shred.   Crazy what a good workout that is in 20 minutes flat.  I like that it gives me different sore muscles than running– makes me feel tough.

I’ve lost 10 pounds this winter, and feel stronger doing even the most everyday things:  stairs, getting up off the floor, hopping into the van.  I love being strong and feeling fit.  That keeps me motivated.  And after a couple weeks of not running, I’m so glad my legs are feeling good to run again.


  1. I hear you on the Shred! It has me breathless, thighs burning, etc. Great job on getting back to running. I took some time off and noticed that I was cranky and short-tempered without it.

  2. Glad to hear it!

  3. The thirty day shred, does that have alot of jumping? I am looking for a more intense workout but I hqave some foot and ankle problems that are aggravated by a lot of jumping.

    • Yeah, they do jump rope and jumping jacks. Lots of other stuff too though– core work and weights, etc. You could probably skip the jumping and still get a pretty decent workout.

  4. So glad your shins are better!
    I am doing a modified (read: my version) C25K. Like you, I decide how much I am going to do each week. I started out running for 1 minute and walking for 2. I moved up to running for 2 minutes, then the next week 4, and this week, I am running for 5 minutes and walking for 3. I do my running on a treadmill in my bedroom.
    Even though we live out in the country, folks use our back road as a highway. 🙁
    Also, it allows me to exercise during homeschooling. I bring my younger ones in there with me to work on Math or whatever, while my olders do independent work. It is working out well!!
    Your posts were what encouraged me to start. I am 43 years old, and I thought, Okay, if she can do it, so can I!! Thanks, Mary!!

  5. You are truly an inspiration!! I need to get back to The Shred. It really is a fab workout for the time involved. I started back to running/walking this week. I decided that my excuse of snow on the ground was a weak one and I can still get out there with white stuff on the road. Just praying that I stay sure footed and don’t slip! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  6. That healthy feeling is nice. Keep up the good work and get enough sleep. 🙂

  7. I love that you put this in your side blog. I started dieting and excersizing at home in Nov..Jan came and we got a gym membership. I have not seen any real weight loss since begining of January, but I have seen some physical changes as in muscles gain and smaller waist. In Nov..dec.. I did loose about 13 just has stalled there. IT is good to be able to read a bit about others on this journey..though I have about 30 more to go.. 🙂 IT is all about lifestyle changes. 🙂