A long bed story

Years ago in the midst of parenting many little children, at least one of whom always seemed to be sleeping with us at night, we bought a king sized bed.  We bought the cheapest one in the store, at that time valuing size over quality.  It was $500 or so.  That mattress didn’t prove to be terribly durable, and after a few years when its increasing slope began paining John’s back, we went shopping for a new king size bed.

We wanted a good quality one this time, and since our box springs were still fine, we decided we’d just buy the mattress, like we’d done for our kids’ bunk beds.  Hah.  No one would sell us just a king mattress, and the thought of paying more than a thousand bucks for a bed set when we only needed half of it pained me so badly that we went casting around for another idea.

It was the box springs that actually gave us the idea.  King beds, you may know, have two single-bed-sized box springs on which the king mattress rests.  We decided to buy two twin mattresses  (Costco, $100), add a good quality king-sized foam mattress topper ($150, Costco), and connect the whole shebang with a king size fitted sheet.  Worst case scenario it would feel awful and we’d hand the twin mattresses off to kids.  But I hoped the fix would temporarily put off a more expensive purchase, and we could hand the twins off to kids later when they really needed them.  Maybe by then the price of a proper bed wouldn’t be quite so painful.

That was five years ago. These days with no little kids in our bed anymore, we don’t need the huge bed, and we’ve talked about replacing our unusual bed with a queen set to gain space in our room.  But there weren’t concrete plans to upgrade immediately.  Then a few days ago I spotted one of my bigger kids’ beds unmade and realized that it had SPRINGS showing.  Springs. Yikes.  (Why the boy did not tell me about this problem I will never know.)

A peek at the twin mattresses under the foam topper on our own bed showed that they were still in excellent shape. They would work admirably for the kids, we decided.   Time to go bed-shopping.  And this time we were going to buy ourselves a real bed.

On our way to Costco we happened to drive past Luxury Mattress Outlet and decided to stop.  We were impressed with the straight-shooting Jake, who soon had us fixed up with lovely queen sized bed, complete with a new frame.  Somehow that $700 seemed even more reasonable knowing that not only we but two of our kids would  be set up with new(ish) beds by bedtime.

The kids declared their mattresses great.  Now I’m going to try out ours.  Sweet, eh?

Unexpected bonus:  more space for the new ‘kid’ in the family who thankfully is quite content sleeping NEXT to our bed at night instead of in it.


  1. One of the BEST “investments” we made was our king sized Sleep Number bed. Our kids never sleep in our beds but at the time we had a very large bassett hound. Even more integral was a husband who would be happy sleeping on concrete. He needs a REALLY firm mattress otherwise his back bothers him. Me? I want to sink into something really soft. So the Sleep Number bed was the perfect thing and theoretically should last a life time. Or just have to replace an air chamber or something. His sleep number is 100 BTW 🙂

    • haha- we’ve decided against a sleep number bed after trying one. We were on a trip, and the hotel we stayed in had one. Hubby likes it firm, I like it soft & snuggly. So, we set our numbers and went to sleep. Well, in the middle of the night, hubby rolls over onto my side of the bed and launched me out of the bed! Luckily he was awake enough that he grabbed me and pulled me back in. Too bad- it really was a nice comfy sleep until that moment!

  2. We made the mistake and brought a pillow top king size bed and now it is lumpy and uncomfortable. It was expensive as well. We have thought of giving it to the kids but it is too high up off the ground. I like your idea of two twin mattress. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Here in the Netherlands it’s very common to have two twin mattresses next to each other. We call it a lits-jumeaux (French for joined beds). I think it makes sense because two people with different lengths and weights don’t necessarily have the same mattress needs. Your new bed looks nice!

  4. Glad to hear it all worked out and the picture of the puppy is adorable!!!

  5. I actually like the idea of two twins, how you did it. I bet it made it so you barely felt the other person moving around.

    We have a queen, and I think we’ve decided to stay at that size. I mean, we do love each other and all. 🙂 Although last time we had a newborn, we found ourselves wishing for a king. So we’ll see how this time around goes.

  6. That dog is so freakishly adorable!

  7. I’m intrigued by your headboard. Is it fabric-covered? I’m looking for ideas, and would love to know more.

  8. we have a king bed and at present, like you had, with at least one child in their occassionally, it is an awesome bed, I am not ready to go back to a queen.

  9. We did this but not for the same reason. When we first moved into our house we had a regualar king sized mattress, but trying to get it up the stairs we had to bend it a smidge. Well, that smidge was enough to warp it permanently. We opted for 2 twins so that we could get it up the stairs.