Like chewing black licorice

I am paying for my writing time this morning by allowing the puppy to shred yesterday’s newspaper all over the living room floor.  Quiet at any cost.   Have discovered she doesn’t have accidents in the house if I keep her leashed within 6 feet of me at all times.   Down side of that plan?  She gets bored quick, requiring new toys and outdoor visits frequently.

Today my 15 year old and I are making a mountain of injera (Ethiopian flatbread) for an Ethiopian Christmas party this weekend. Lotsa people coming, lotsa good food. Should be great fun. I am planning a blog post that will walk you through the ins and outs of injera-making.   It is pretty complicated, but fun, esp when you get a nice fluffy batch.  (Am crossing my fingers that ours will turn out well today, because lots of Ethiopian people who know good injera will be there eating it.)

We spent hours on hair this week.  My 15 year old did the three younger girls and I did her hair.  Ethiopian girls gotta have good hair for Ethiopian Christmas.  Even if they have white mommas.  🙂  Today I’ve also got to go through the girls clothes and figure out which of their Ethiopian clothes still fit.  Good fun.

This week I’ve also been trying to catch up on my sleep  (hard with a puppy who gets up EARLY!) because in 10 days or so driver’s ed starts for my son.  6AM, 5 days a week for a month.   I am SO not a morning person, but I’ve decided since I have to get him there anyway, I’ll spend the time during his class writing, mainly on my talks for the April homeschool conventions in Oklahoma.  I’m doing 3 breakout sessions in both OKC and in Tulsa and will be talking about saving money at the grocery store, streamlining kitchen time, and juggling multiple kids and their activities.

Our daughter made it to Chile safe and sound, and is getting oriented for school starting on Monday. We were pleased that there is internet at her host mom’s house.  It will make it lots easier to keep in touch to have internet close by in the evenings.  Homeschool for us gets into full swing on Monday too– with other stuff going on, we took this week pretty easy.

This month our kids will be trying out for a Missoula Children’s Theater presentation.  It is a one-week theater opportunity for kids that our family has been involved in for a decade or so.  On Monday kids try out to be in a play for which there will be practices all week, with a performance on Saturday.  Not all the kids will get parts, but over the years everyone has been picked at least a time or two, and they’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to perform.

Now I must get off the computer to give my hubby a turn.   My computer is currently toes-up because our darling puppy the other day mistook my power cord for black licorice and CHEWED entirely through it before moving on.  All this during dinner when I thought she was properly restrained.   It was a mite frustrating.   But a new cord has been ordered and is winging its way to us as I type.

And that’s the fun we’ve been having around here lately.


  1. glad that puppy wasn’t electrocuted and no fire occurred! puppies are like small children – safe containment is the key! they have little pens that you can use inside and out to contain dogs although with the size yours is, it will outgrow a small one quickly, but if you have one already or can borrow, well worth to keep pup safe! Hoping you are cratetraining too even if you don’t feel you need to – it comes in handy so much with vet visits, kennel stays, travelling – I have a dog who is crate phobic and how I wish his first family would have trained him to be ok in a crate – now he’ll maim himself if in one for even 5 minutes. if you have kongs, those are great for puppies and all age dogs – fill with broth, peanut butter, cream cheese, dog kibble and a little bit of the previous items to hold the kibble in and freeze – your dog will lick that kong for a good amount of time (less clean up than shredded newspaper and certainly better on the digestion!). I do frozen marrow bones too, but lots of folks don’t like them due to possible bacteria issues (you can cook them though) and injury to teeth (not an issue here – bc of my dog’s crate issues, his teeth were worn down when we got him so the bones don’t impact him at all). good luck! and hopefully we will see some pics of the girls’ hair!

  2. Looks like your above reader said about the same thing I was going to! We got our beloved labrador, Katy, for Christmas (though we got her 2 months prior to that). We’ve had two dogs previously, both labs, one who we lost to a horrible accident at 10 months, the other was a rehome and we were never able to get him under control and had to re-re-home him when we relocated from Australia to the US. So we decided to do things much more differently this time: crate training and a puppy playpen, along with on the leash whenever she’s out with me in the house. Its working brilliantly.

    I highly recommend the playpen – we actually bought a used one at the baby store – its 1.5m x 1.5m, 6 panels hooked together. Its great. The first time I put her in it and went to the bathroom I felt such peace that she wasn’t tearing something up before I finished! The other great thing is that its a great place for her to escape from the kids, they aren’t allowed to bug her when she’s in her “room”. We’re also doing the same thing you are doing – on the leash when she’s not in the playpen. I hook her to my belt loop and she follows me around like, well, a puppy!

    Would love to see pictures of the hair as well!

  3. Love love LOVE MCT!
    My sister had the privilege of the week-long productions for several years and then did the high school camp, just a stunningly well done program all around!

  4. Sounds like you’re busy again! I started school again too. Have only been 3 days but I’m ready for spring break again ;).

  5. I can’t wait for your injera making post. I bought teff flour and have been meaning to make it but haven’t made the leap yet. You will motivate me. 🙂

  6. Green apple spray works for our dog who loves to chew. I was told at the pet store to keep trying sprays until I found one that worked. The crate is also a lifesavor as mentioned before. After a year she still does not have free run of the house, but we are getting there.

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing your injera and getting the recipe!

    I am also looking forward to hearing you speak in Tulsa in April. Can’t wait!!!