Don’t let the sleepy pictures fool you.

This kid is as much work as any baby.

A baby with teeth. Who can run really fast. And likes the feel of leather in her teeth.

But like any baby, her cuteness saves her.

Even at 3 AM when I am out in the back yard with her, shivering as my bathrobe flaps in the winter wind.

Thankfully it’s not my turn tonight.  Yawn.


  1. Love that fluffiness–what a cutie (and great pix, too)!

  2. Pup really is a cutie patootie – and I completely empathize with the cold air flapping housecoat – we have older dogs and have to encourage them or they’d take forever!

  3. multi-taskingmom says:

    Awwwww she is cute. Maybe you already know this, but we taught our dogs to go quickly. Each and every time they started to go (in the correct location) we would say “hurry up”. You can of course choose any phrase you like, but soon they know that “hurry up” (or whatever your choose) means to get the job done. We even trained the adult beagle we got from the shelter this way – he was already house trained thankfully.

  4. Too cute! We have a rescue husky who has fit into our family well. The northern breeds really are a different case than most of the domestic dogs. Lots of good sites online though, so any “avoid doing this” or “how to correct that” or “never shave a husky” kind of thing you want to know is easy to find with a bit of googling.

    They’re wonderful dogs, which coming from me is saying a lot because I prefer cats. 🙂

  5. Kaycee Fisher says:

    What a face on that one!

  6. I’m with you on the midnight potty runs. Our puppy is 4.5 mos now and thankfully has slept through the night since Christmas. But before that…. It’s like the mail–neither sleet nor snow nor gale will keep the puppy from needing to go out in the middle of the night!

    The saving grace is that I am intimately familiar with the winter sky now. It really gives you an appreciation for our ancestors who spent much MORE time observing the stars (with much less light pollution). Amazing how quickly the constellations become familiar!