Christmas moments

The quiet before the chaos on Christmas morning. Coffee’s brewing, kids are just starting to wander into the living room.

First tutu for a little niece.  Smiles all around the room at the sight of her delight.

First phone for my handsome 16 year old. (Driver’s ed starts in 2 weeks, and involves getting up at 5 am for a month. Will we survive?)

Kitties playing in gift wrap

Skyping with my sister Sophie who lives in Ethiopia. (It was 4 AM her time– yawn!)

Gloves made lovingly by an auntie

Quilts by mom, one personalized with an Ethiopian flag, and the other with horses, per their request.

My dad getting his favorite shirt.  Again.

Oma (my momma) recording the moments

Impromptu guitar lessons for 2 cousins who are new guitar owners.

Modeling Christmas bathrobes– ain’t we swanky?

My girl playing with her baby cousin.  In a week she’s heading off to Chile for a semester as an exchange student– what an adventure! — but for now she’s still here with us.

Little girls playing dress-up with a great-aunt’s goodies.

Grandma with most of her grandkids.

John and me with all our children.  Priceless moments, precious gift.

Here’s hoping your Christmas was as blessing-filled as ours!


  1. Great photos! Everyone looks quite happy. Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

    Holiday greetings from Japan! God Bless!

  2. Dang, I can’t see the last pic! All others are wonderful, though; your children are so beautiful and your extended family looks like so much fun. Blessings in the new year to you, Mary!

  3. Oh Mary what beautiful pictures, and what a stunningly beautiful family! So glad you all enjoyed the day!

  4. What a wonderful day! And how blessed to be so many together at Christmas. I hope to be able to have Christmas with our extended families some day.

  5. Lovely holiday photos…especially the last one of you and all your children…priceless!!!

  6. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!
    God has richly blessed you! I pray his blessings continue to pour out upon you!

  7. Thanks for this peek in your holiday! It looks like it was a lot of fun. And, as a former foreign exchange student, how cool to read that your daughter is going to be an exchange student as well! Thanks for letting her go!

  8. Mary,

    What awesome photos! Thank you for sharing!


  9. Shelly Roberts says:

    LOVE the photos and seeing snippets of your family together. Wow .. your daughter an exchange student?? How exciting!! Many more blessings to you in 2011, my friend!

  10. Beautiful family

  11. got a chuckle at the “favorite shirt – again” phrase
    We had to do that with my father-in-law on Father’s Day – talk about set in his ways 🙂

    These are wonderful moments captured in pictures.
    Thank You for giving a peek to us.

    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  12. I’m catching up on your blog…love these pics! Happy New Year!! janet