20 hours pre-race…

…and I cannot decide what to wear. The forecast is for 3 inches of snow, beginning a couple hours before race time, with winds at 9mph and a temp around 30F.  (Yay for my Yaktrax!)

My initial plan was to wear capris, with capri-length tights layered underneath, plus a t-shirt, a long-sleeved underarmour shirt, and a fleece vest on top. Gloves and hat too, of course. I’ve run in weather in the low 30’s and been comfy in a single pair of capris, even in light rain.  But with fresh snow I am wondering how cold my ankles and calves will get.

Another option is to wear fleece pants over the capris.  They’re warm, but they are baggy and un-streamlined and not terribly flattering, plus they creep up when I run. Bah.

A third option is to go to the store this evening and buy running tights (could always call them a Christmas gift and save my hubby some shopping.)  Definitely not the most economical way to go, but I’d probably get some good use out of them eventually.  Except you’re not really supposed to wear new clothes for a race, just in case they chafe and are uncomfy.

So.  Hm. Leaning towards just risking it with the capris.  But dunno for sure.

The other day I had an appointment in downtown Boise a few blocks from the race course.  After the appointment my son and I walked/ran the course.  It was fun to check out the landmarks and I think the run-through ahead of time will help me better pace myself.  Not that I’m planning to break any speed records.  My time goal is 34 minutes or less for the 2.5 mile course.  We’ll see how it goes!


  1. One of my favorite things to remember is “Train the plan. Race the plan.” Basically, don’t change things up just because it’s race day. Warm up how you usually do. Pace yourself how you usually do. And wear what you usually do.

    Oh, and if you haven’t already, eat your carb meal now. You want to give it some time to digest and not be a brick in your stomach.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Can you round out your capri outfit with a tall pair of socks or some leg warmers or something? Good luck!!

    • Kimberly H. says:

      Go for tights or capris. I kept my warm up pants through the warm up until 1 min before the race and I was good. Of course, take my advice with a BIG grain of salt. I’ve listened to my husband for years but only ran my first race last weekend. : ) Good luck! You conquered your mountain!

  3. I’m going thru the same scenarios at my house, Mary, but I’m less than 12 hours away…. [:-) Should be an adventure!! I’m hoping the weather man is wrong. Or that his timing is a couple hours off. [:-)


  4. Good Luck! You are an inspiration.

  5. Mary: I second the idea of tall socks or leg warmers if you are concerned about your calves and ankles.

    If you do want to upgrade to tights after this run, I would recommend REI-outlet online. I got some very nice Brooks running tights for women for about 20 bucks, 60 percent off or so.

    Best of luck on your race! Don’t forget to hydrate!!

  6. Yippee!!! Can’t wait to hear how it went. You are going to have so much fun. Our weather is so different..I can’t even fathom to think what you should wear!

  7. Runnersworld.com has a ‘what to wear’ tool where you select temperature and how you like to feel when you’re running.

    Best of luck! You’ll do great. Enjoy yourself out there.

  8. Have a blast! I have prayed 4u-God Bless!