Her name is Keisha

Look at our new baby!



  1. Awwww, what a beautiful pup!! I just love her coloring! We got a new pup 2 weeks ago and we’re having a ball with him! Have fun!!

  2. She’s gorgeous!!!!

  3. A beautiful dog!! Enjoy!!

  4. Such a cutie!!

  5. So sute!!

  6. She is beautiful!!! Looks just like our husky when she was a puppers. And she is still fluffy and cuddly to this day. 🙂

  7. Gorgeous girl. I don’t miss the puppy biting…. 😉

  8. She’s beautiful!

  9. We had a similarly-colored husky (inherited from our son, natch) which we were told by a dogsled racer who raised the breed was known as “butterscotch”. Have fun with your cute little girl!

  10. Please, may I have the puppy?
    she is stunning just just beautiful

  11. elizabethrose says:

    Oh my goodness! She is gorgeous! And your youngest looks thrilled. Maybe she won’t mind not having a horse so much now?

  12. oh my! it’s a darling pup.

    all i can think of is, “another thing to clean up after” but you, mary, you got it under control over there, so no worries. i can enjoy your puppy! very cute.

    i need to get my girl comfortable on a sewing machine. i bought an old workhorse Kenmore – from an old lady who kept every part including the repair manual – in their original box. It’s pristine. It’s heavy. Once it comes out, it will stay out for a while because while it’s portable, it’s HEAVY. (Paid $15) She’s afraid of it. She needs lessons. Okay, fine. Now I’m wondering if I should just get her a newer model, say from Target, for Christmas. I’d pay $100 or less. It would be lightweight, smaller in scale, and perhaps, less intimidating. I don’t know what to do b/c I know she would just take off on the machine, but a newer one is probably less complicated to use than the older one from back in the day (even though it’s in perfect condition). Thoughts? Anyone?

    Remember: Mary knows my daughter does not have a “sewing mom”. My daughter would be thrilled to live in Mary’s house, but I’m not giving her up! My daughter will one day be happy that her momma took lots and lots of pictures of everything SHE baked (that her momma didn’t).

    So: donate the old and get a new? Keep the old and have her try to learn on that? I am clueless. I tried threading the bobbin with no success…. then I gave up. Meh.

    • Here’s my thought. Old ones are built like tanks and might withstand beginner mistakes better. I am trying not to worry too much about something breaking while my daughter learns, but I do know my ancient machine was tougher. I personally would give her a shot at your old one– you already have it, after all. If she adores sewing you may want to give her something newer as a gift some day. But if she is only marginally interested, the old tank will work fine for some beginner lessons.

      (Check the instructions for bobbin threading. With most of the machines I have used, it matters which direction you wrap the thread– wrap counterclockwise, so that the thread comes OFF the bobbin clockwise.)