Take that, icy roads

A week or two ago we had a huge snowstorm, and enough snow has remained that it hasn’t felt safe to run on the roads.  (Years ago I broke both my arms in one year, leaving me hyper-aware of the fragility of my bones.)  A time or two since the storm I’ve run granny-like on the road in front of our house, picking my way from clear patch to clear patch.  But mostly I’ve been getting by with exercise indoors.

For the past week every time I’ve been in the car within a couple miles of home, I’ve been scanning the gravel edges of the road for ice. Waiting, wishing for the dratted snow to melt.  (You know the story of Noah sending the dove out to check for receding water?  Yup, that’s me, except it’s ice and I’m trolling in my van.)

Finally today the road edges looked decent enough to attempt my 1.5 mile route.  I’d exercised so little this week that I was raring to head out, and managed to run the whole route at a 12.5 min/mile pace without stopping once to walk.  That’s the farthest I’ve run non-stop, so I was pleased. Kinda makes me think I might be able to run further than that if I tried.

But here, finally is the actual point of this post.   In the mail this week I got these little lovelies, shown attached to my shoes ready for the next snowstorm.  They’re called Yaktrax.  Basically they are snow chains for your shoes.   My brother recommended them to me at Thanksgiving when I was complaining about the roads.

I gave them a 5 minute trial yesterday and was impressed.   They attach really securely to your shoes– no flopping or jangling around.  They’re super light-weight.  And they feel amazingly low-profile– I could barely tell I had them on.  I was still pretty careful when running–  I really don’t want to wipe out.  But the grip felt great.   I think with these I’ll be able to run more confidently, even when there’s ice on the ground.


  1. Christine D. says:

    We finally have enough road showing on our lane to run. I too went out with glee to run after a week of trudging through the pastures in my snowboots. Not at all the same but a workout nonetheless. Looking forward to ‘the’ run next weekend. Keep up the good effort!

  2. My treadmill only 6 feet from the desk is great, especially on days when school is canceled for Inclement Weather. I don’t get cabin fever so much.
    Of course, we have the space for the contraption now that the younguns have moved to their own apts.

  3. My hubs (the marathon runner) added running snowshoes to his list of equipment last year in addition to the snow tire chain thingies. You get much more snow than we do, so they are something that might be super beneficial. They aren’t cheap but they may be easier to pick up through craigslist in your neck of the woods.